I’m picking up that there will be a need for some preparation. The building blocks you’ve been building will come together and reveal a bigger picture to you. It will take a lot of work, resting and being lazy will not be an option for you. I see land; this tells me that there will be some land or home purchase. This could also mean moving to a new location or traveling. I am also seeing retreats on a spiritual level, wanting to get deeper within one’s self. The money will be saved; that or it will be spent insanely quick. Your financial responsibility will be tested this upcoming year. I am seeing a wish that will come true, something that you have been wanting will finally manifest. The outcomes you experience will surprise you and those around you. I am also seeing a crown meaning you will be noticed from people, they will check you out. You are being watched.

You will be rewarded for your hard work. Music or some sort of artistic outlet will be revealed to you. This year will have you intensely committed to something that you really want. The bigger picture will be revealed to you. New friendships will be made, old bonds will be reunited, and unforgettable memories will be made this year. Take a second to embrace the moments in your life.

As in for love I see new relationships happenings for a lot of you, new people in your life more of a very compatible connection that will be known this year and you will feel it and see it, as if you have met them somewhere else but don’t know how soul connections. I’m also seeing single Aries starting a relationship with someone you were friends with it can be unexpected, a romantic connection starting off. I also see relationships starting from accidents or it can be like there was a fight going on in the environment you guys first met and that is how you will meet like an uncomfortable situation.
For the ones in a relationship I see relationships having conflict, disagreements about material subjects can be money, houses, cars and so on. Find a good plan financially between your partner remember a clear communication is key. I also see romantic getaways travels with your partner and creating romantic memories, I see passion. I see some of you will have as well unplanned pregnancies.
Aries, the key phrase for 2020 is “Consistency brings results.”

Taurus :

For Taurus people, I am picking up that in 2020 you will leave people, locations, situations and energy draining things behind. I am seeing leaving their country or house, and people behind because of the feeling of being trapped. You will embrace your freedom, and things will get done to further progress your personal growth. Time will pressure you into getting things done; you understand that if it’s not now, it’s never. I see a flower blooming. You are ready to blossom if you allow yourself to.

I am seeing a thick fragrance meaning one’s interest in perfume, aromatherapy, or things with a strong scent. A career/hobby with the fragrance could arise. I also see that several people will be joining your path and changing, or awakening, your perspective on things. Like-minded people will surround you and possibly be in a group, whether it be the church, school, or art, you will find your friendship circle. These close friends will change you as a person.
For single Taurus I see distant lovers or distant love happening, I see meeting lovers that are far away from your online dating. I see coming back and forth to visit a person you are interested in. I’m also seeing unexpected gifts from an admirer, there will try to gift you a lot or show you different places, dates to win you. I’m also seeing a time of wanting to be single for a while until you feel you have found yourself more clearly.
For the ones in a relationship I see rockiness as in there will be certain aspects of your partner revealed which is not bad it’s just that you will see more of themselves a part you haven’t seen yet, and this might cause questions and arguments. I see as well a time that you will feel you want to spend more time within yourself so make sure you communicate this to your partner so there won’t be any confusion going on. I’m also seeing surprises unexpected from partners a lot of you will be surprised with gifts or surprised with the new habits that they are revealing.

Taurus, the key phrase for 2020 is “Love heals.”


Gemini :

For Gemini I see a year revolving around the law and politics. I can see environmental law being a big factor in your year. People will voice their opinions to you, and you will let them know yours. You will stand up for yourself and project your voice to those around you.

I can see that your way of thinking will change and be “outside the box.” You will try things that once scared you but now don’t because of how empowered you feel of your life. You are ready to jump out of that plane, you are ready for whatever you’ve been holding back on.  As in for a career I see working on the low and not really showing work quick is like you will find a unique way to work, I see blogging I see learning new outlets of expressing your career. I’m also seeing staying in a job that will help you learn to grow, your career should go very good this year the pace is going is flowing as you would like it to go, successful plans flowing in your favor. But I see people testing your limits and there can be people in your work/career testing your conviction or trying to drag you down, be aware to always know who is really a good business partner. Other than that I see a great year for a career.
For single Geminis, I see meeting new romantic lovers in social places like bars, concerts, clubs, anything of that sort. I see a place where it will be loud like loud music or just people talking loud in a microphone. I’m seeing as well so sort of dating with someone who is your neighbor or someone who lives in the same building or house. I’m seeing finding someone with the same plan in a relationship wanting the same thing out of it. Past lovers can also appear and starting again some connection.
If in a relationship I see some going in different paths, separations can happen or they will be situations that will test the relationship out. I’m seeing as well that some will go back to places where you guys first met, I’m seeing families trips to far-away lands I see mostly like islands, exotic places. I’m also seeing that some will most likely plan these trips by the end of 2020.

Gemini, the key phrase for 2020 is “The sky is the limit, go for it.


Cancer :

I am seeing Cancers catching fish, which tells me they have many hobbies, so many that they don’t know which one to take. It will take a lot to find out or realize their true passion.  You will be driven to try everything you’ve been afraid of. This energy will flow through you, and it’s up to you to accept that flow and experience it. Cancers will be excessively eager with their new hobbies/careers. Imagination for your career will go wild in a good way, there will be no hard time in having fun at work or creatin ideas, harmonies teamwork. There can also be multiple choices in work/career pick wisely, great mentors/teachers will pop in your life. Going to school far away from where you located is also a great possibility or online classes that are very opened to various countries.
For single Cancers, I see searching or desiring someone in their life a lot and I also see wanting someone they had back but needing to let go to bring the fresh some might feel frustrated because of this situation. Learning to completely let go will be something to watch out. I also see more of being with romantic lovers that you have been with before I don’t see a lot of new lovers, more of lovers you have known before, for example, people you work with/classmates and so on. I’m also picking up some will meet new lovers but it will be a fast connection, then move on type of situation.
As for my Cancers, who are in a relationship I see a good chance of proposals, someone declares their love for you in a profound way, very romantic time. I’m picking up planned pregnancies or a pregnancy that has been difficult to manifest happening. I also see some might feel insecure in their relationship, so this can cause some confusion or silent moments with your partner, emotional maturity might be something to learn about.  Some might start therapy sessions with their partners too.

Cancers, the key phrase for 2020 is “Follow your dreams.”


Leo :

I see time stopping for Leos. Some might feel time slowly passing by. You will feel stubborn or stuck in a situation you don’t feel comfortable in. I see Leos being solitary for a while. Don’t be afraid of being alone with yourself, you will emerge stronger than ever and ready to change the negative aspects seen in one’s life.  Keep working in secret and remember that you will shine brighter when done. For a career, I see as well wanting or having in their mind opening your own brand or business or wanting to be a mentor of some sort. Your career should go on in a slow-motion but in a good way, you might need to ask for help as well as have second opinions. I see some ignoring or not wanting to see what is there, stop running away from your career problems, face what’s there, be real with yourself don’t ignore it.
For single Leos, I’m picking a lot will want to be alone at the moment yes I see having admirers but it’s like you will find it not that enthusiastic in it, I’m seeing some might meet new admirers in big building settings, the mall, downtown or an arcade, places where it’s big with social settings. I’m seeing as well some might think that is time to really settle down seriously you will want a ring period it’s like you will want a partner that won’t play games you crave something solid and you will find someone solid more around September someone who will be what you were looking for.
For the ones with a partner I’m seeing a craving of wanting to have a bigger family wanting to multiple, wanting more kids I see a lot talking about it with their partners. I’m also seeing a lot will have planning dates as if trying to bring back how the relationship all started very passionate time for the ones in partnership.

Leos, the key phrase for 2020 is “Work in silence, let the outcome speak for itself.”



For Virgo, I see a movement of going back and forth constantly. I am picking up that Virgos might need to go back to some memory or trauma to fix. I can see it’s been on your mind or bothering you. Hiding it will not be an option anymore. You will need to go back and heal it.

I see Virgos going back to old places, jobs, etc. You will go back to work on that one project you left hanging. You will go back to that past you need to make peace with. As in career I see focusing fully there is no time for games, you know what you want and you have a plan of how it will go, a time of full dedication. I’m also seeing a lot of doors opening career-wise, it will overwhelm you so choose wisely your options because you might choose two opportunities and then not be able to handle the pressure. Also, don’t overdo your brainstorming, take steps with trust, be practical.
For single Virgos, I see a connection with a past lover or seeing them again for accident/ randomly. I’m seeing that this can cause to see rekindle the relationship. I’m seeing some meeting or starting to date someone around the work area, I’m seeing some will be with older people, someone who you weren’t expecting to be into.
For the ones in a relationship, I see a stronger commitment some might want to marry again a second time, with the same person renewal. Some will feel the need to change location with their partner plans of buying a house outside their area. I’m seeing a lot of wanting to move even the bedroom style, wanting to bring back romanticism. There can also be some shakiness in the relationship because one might want to not really want to excite the relationship can leave the other partner confused.
Virgos, the key phrase for 2020 is “Finish what you started.”


For Libras, I am seeing sprinkles as if you’re excited about what you’ve won or what you’ve received. Don’t miss the point, don’t trust your luck too much, remember that you’ve worked for what you’ve received, don’t get lazy. Continue doing what you’re doing and don’t stop there. Yes, you are lucky but don’t fully depend on that. There is still more to come for you. As for a career I see a lot will have a ton of amazing ideas but will lack self-confidence in your ideas, it’s like you will feel it’s not good enough. Your ideas are actually very good, you just need to speak up and let them flow don’t block your creativity/ideas by saying they are not good enough. I’m seeing as well to be cautious to see requirements first pay attention you might miss the point.
Single Libras I see that you might have just got out of a relationship I see nostalgic, feeling of needing to let go. Someone from your past might be hard to let go, so you might be in the healing process. I see letting go of baggage. I’m also seeing some meet new people, from a different background as you, someone who will be very different can be like your opposite sun sign or never really date that sun sign will be their first time. I see some being surprised how strong the attraction even tho you guys are so different.
For the ones in partnership, I see a lot getting married or starting to have a family planned pregnancies. I see that a lot will feel very settled in their relationship. Some might travel as well where their spouse is located at. I see family travels or traveling to meet one of your guy’s family. A thrilling moment. I’m also seeing some might find themselves lucky constantly when being with their partners.

Libras, the key phrase for 2020 is “Don’t stop, get it!”



I am seeing you stepping on rocks; this means having the need to consistently checking for or needing someone to approve of your ideas and plans before you accept them as your own. The surrounding trust will be tested, but many opportunities will come about because of this new-found trust in people. Don’t be blinded by people’s false truths, see through it and feel the energy around those around you.
I am also seeing a transformation from impulsivity to positivity. Channel your impulsive energy and turn it into something positive. For career, I am seeing some might get into trouble or some issue at work, because of rumors. Try to stay away from drama this year it won’t benefit you. A lot will move because of career issues, some will feel homesick but will pass by. Some might feel very creative like a child or might work with themes of children. I see a lot maturing career-wise, getting knowledge from someone who has already passed those hardships.
Single Scorpios, I see meeting someone who will live far away from you even crossing water, long distant relationships. I’m seeing some meeting someone in school settings, counseling or therapeutic settings. I’m seeing some will struggle with two admirers, the need to make a choice.
For the ones in partnership, I see a very positive year I see that a lot will feel like it balances the relationship and that money wise both will be fulfilled, no arguments about money. I’m seeing attending a lot of family parties and having some family celebrations some might want to celebrate their birthdays big this year. I’m seeing as well some might feel like the very first time they met, like teen love.
The key phrase for 2020 is “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”


I am seeing for Sagittarius that this year there will be something that will make you feel awakened, inspired or fulfilled. The new topics you learn will really change your perspective in life. I am also picking up delays. Delays will happen as well but not because it not the right time, but because it isn’t meant for you or there is a need to see something clear enough first before proceeding. I’m seeing that there is something that will need to be cut off. Your understanding, and evaluation, of situations, will be more crystal clear. A lot of miracles or unexpected blessings will be happening. For a career, I see a reward given to you, people will see how hard you worked and you are finally seeing some recognition. You will finish some program that you was working hard on. I’m seeing an abundance of money flowing in your space, a lot of luck financially. Also, I’m seeing to see what really makes you happy to follow what your heart craves. Some will open the business and will succeed just as it opens fast abundance. I see fast ideas that might overwhelm you, write things down, don’t forget.
Single Sagittarius, I’m seeing that some might deal with two admirers you will feel overwhelmed in your choice. I’m seeing meeting someone in their dark moment is like you will help them deal with their bad times and it can turn into some love intimacy. You can even be their counselor or therapist. Some might want to find someone, but their need to overprotect their heart might be in the way. If you want a serious relationship, you will need to open your heart with no fear.
For the ones in a relationship, I see that your partner or yourself will confess something they had been hiding from you. I’m also seeing that you might constantly be told rumors or gossip about your relationship, this can cause arguments in the relationship. I’m also seeing that they will be haters looking at your relationship and sending bad energy so protect yourself and don’t believe everything you hear. Facts are important, you need proof.
The key phrase for 2020 is “Let it shine, trust the process.”


For Capricorns, I am picking up a lot of alone time, a lot of introspection, self-reflection. The goals or career you’ve been working towards will make you doubt yourself and make you feel you are not sure, in any theme in your life such as relationships, soul bonds, and such as.
I am picking up a feeling of knowing what you want, but also self-doubt. This year will bring to the surface a lot of questions that will benefit you at the end because you will challenge yourself to see beyond the question.
As for career I’m seeing things might not go as you planned, but that is okay. Sometimes it’s a hidden blessing. Pay attention to who will benefit your career or who needs to exit your life. I’m seeing that you might be so focused in your career this year that you won’t really have a social life outside of work. I’m seeing as well that your plans are going great, it’s just external situation ships might make it a bit out of balance. You might need to get a new teacher/new coach. You might need to reevaluate who you are getting help from career-wise.
Single Capricorns, I’m seeing a lot of meeting someone who you will feel they are out of your league. Someone who you will say ” Wow she/he is amazing out of this world. ” I’m seeing having a huge crush on someone who can have strong water placements in their natal chart. I’m seeing as well meeting someone around parks, ocean, churches or where there are a lot of natural green areas. I’m seeing that you might also have a lot of encounters that will be a fast meeting. I’m also seeing a hard time trusting.
For Capricorns in a relationship, your family or friends might make you choose between them and your partner. There can be dislike toward your partner and making you choose I see that your relationship can have arguments because of outer people’s opinions. There might be a need to both get away from family friends. Don’t let others get involved in your relationship. I’m seeing, not wanting to see the truth which is right in front of you it’s time to remove the blind sets.
The key phrase for 2020 is “Believe in yourself.”



I’m seeing for Aquarius a lot of strong manifestations coming true whether or not you practice manifestation. You do it naturally. I also see going in circles to achieve what you want but in the end, seeing the blessing. Fear of letting go will be left behind and this will bring a tremendous change in all subjects.
For a career, I’m seeing being overly drained because of career reasons, I’m also seeing wanting to have a break. I’m also seeing to not say what you plan until it’s almost done because I see envy people not liking your shine, so it’s better to keep things to yourself. I’m also seeing wanting to spend but can’t, make sure you’re buying what you really need, it’s not a time to be spending like crazy.
Single Aquarius, I see that the confidence level in finding partners will be high. I’m seeing as well meeting people online or by a friend, random unexpected crushes met. I’m also seeing some might encounter themselves with people already in a relationship or married, so beware of that. I’m seeing past lovers trying to resurface or spying on you.
For the ones in a relationship, I see finance being something that will cause a problem in the relationship. I’m also seeing one spending too much time at work or on their goals it will make the other partner feel left out or not wanted, communication needs to be clear and some effort. I’m also seeing both might work too much or just focus on their goals that you guys can lose touch. Try to make some space for your relationship, for example, some meaningful dates.

The key phrase for 2020 is “Freedom of self-expression.”



For Pisces, I’m picking up that there will be decisions to make. You will need to decide between several options, choosing between two people. I am picking up that you will feel confused about the variety of options you have or just confused because of not being able to see the truth. It’s time to follow your heart and listen to your gut.
For career, I’m seeing wanting to build your own brand, entrepreneurship. I’m picking up wanting to be your own and really seeking on how to start that. Some might take classes related to business subjects. I’m seeing feeling overwhelmed of your goal, be patient Pisces. Some things might not come your way, but sometimes it’s just a learning process that will benefit you. A lot will want to start a class of some sort. I’m also seeing that you need to be organized financially, it’s time. I’m seeing as well that having a clear plan before going out there will help.
Single Pisces, im seeing you will be optimistic as if it’s easy for you to find someone. I’m seeing meeting someone who can display fiery traits optimistic, ambitious and very attractive. I’m seeing that finding someone will be no problem. Im also seeing exploring your sexuality you might try new things you haven’t tried or try another gender role. I’m also seeing, being attractive to older people.
For the ones in a relationship, if you have been complaining or telling your partner that you need to see more effort in the relationship well you will start seeing it. Your partner might give more effort and show you they truly want this. There can be also a big gift given to you from your partner, something you have been commenting about that you been wanting. I’m also hearing your partner wanting to chat about building a partnership business or wanting to buy a house together with some partnership ideas that you will hear. The relationship should go smoothly.

The key phrase for 2020 is “Explore and you will find.”

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