Most are well rested, while some have nightmares. The Brain is a complex organism; a powerful system containing our very delicate being. When we sleep our body is not very rested at all; rather our consciousness and brain continue buzzing on; such as our heart, which continues to pulsate vitality through us.
The dream world is often a world undiscovered, untouched; pure. A formatable and unforming universe; it’s our time and natural state of rest for the body, while our Spirit and Consciousness is truly growing, expanding and is not at rest at all. 
When we look into the unconscious mind we discover that we are continuous and infinitely growing; nurturing and developing our inner world. This is a gift to us, a time in which we can not only develop and encourage our brain, body and transient self to fully purify. When we dream it is a true invitation to see into what your inner world needs to restore, heal or work through. Truly this is a time of rest, yes; but ultimately if you look deeply enough you can witness the actuality of your inner world or even intuitive predictions yet to pass. 

To Discover the future, see the past; or heal your suffering or even traumatic events. When you are sleeping, examine what you are fully witnessing. See existence fully. Note the colors, smells; exact details that come to you first. See and even journal your experiences when you remember them.
If dreams are horrific, unmemorable then note the exact exorence per-detail. See what areas remotely expose themselves without looking. notice the signs and gestures within the details as they hold the information, the coding of your inner world and perhaps your self is trying to communicate to you the deeper healing, or sight you are meant to witness.
When you are asleep you have a chance to explore the other realms of reality; not just our past, present and future, but the exact other planes of reality, converse with deities, beings and angelic forces. Beats, demons or even ghosts. What you experience is personal. Each individual will have a constant dance with dreams as they play an important role in our development both Spiritual and Psychical.

This is wonderful as the universe is showing you a sign, detailing you the answers and maybe even unlocking the answers to your deepest questions and curiosities. 

Discovering the future and healing what is disturbed are not only the elements you experience when focusing on your dreams, analyze their deeper meaning by journaling, remembering and meditating during contemplation of your dreams. Unlock their continuous meaning by the signs they deliver to you. They may withhold important messages that you’re subconsciously suppressing.   

To discover the true meaning of your dreams, you may research online books and definitions of certain meaning to your dreams. However if you seek a detailed dream analysis you are welcome to join me in a private consultation to analyse your dreams and discover their meaning in your life.
It is not just a dream but a message to your inner world, and to the potential of your future to be born. If you seek you shall find, your dreams may hold the answers to your future, discover the answers anytime and reach out.

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