Why do different psychics give different outcomes?

The potential for divination and psychic tools is incredible. We all love the feeling of receiving a helpful reading and it coming true.
However, I don’t believe the future is set in stone. Our future shifts and changes ahead of us in accordance with our actions and decisions made today. If a psychic reading has “come true” deep down you have also resonated with the direction and choices made of the result of this reading. If you are the type of person who goes for a reading every few months and it always comes true- that is awesome. It sounds like you have a good synergy with your reader for the best possible outcomes in your life. It’s a blessed feeling to have a trusted psychic to consult for decisions and turning points in your life. However, if you really wanted to go against the readings and make radically different decisions you certainly could.
Different psychic readers are like different angles to our situation. If you go to multiple different psychics and receive multiple different answers it doesn’t mean that any of them are necessarily wrong but demonstrating the multitude of options and possibilities to take in life.
The choice always comes into our hands about what actions to take into our future. If you feel you have made a decision “because” of a psychic reading you have received deep down you made your own conscious choice to make this decision because you want it to be true.
I’m in a privileged space these days where I have different opportunities presented towards me. Each path has its pros and cons. I have my feelings about my prospective decisions. My intuitive and psychic friends have their views.
The choice is still mine to make at the end of the day. And even if I make a choice today I can still change my mind tomorrow.
There is no one fixed path or destiny but a matter of choices based on how we feel are the best decisions moment by moment.
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