Spring is here, flowers are coming out. With the idea of the energy that comes with this renewal, let’s look at relationships. Taking a look at

this new energy, it’s a great time to see what we can work on to make our relationships better, all around. This would be for all relationships, including friendships, and future relationships. Pick the number of the picture that draws you in, don’t go for the one you like the most, but the one that calls to you. Then go to the number, for what you can do.

1. The big thing I’m seeing here, is to find more consistency, as well as confidence. I’m seeing a tendency to sometimes be hot and cold with people. Take some time, and work on opening up a little at a time. Work on the confidence you need, so you’re not worried about getting close with people. Remember, how others treat you, is a reflection on them, and not on you.

2. Here I am seeing a fear of rejection, or being hurt. Take some time, to push through these fears. Remember, we attract what we think about the most. When we’re worried about being hurt, that’s what we tend to attract. It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle, and we wind up pushing people away. Take the time to meditate, and release these fears, and things around you will get better.

3. It really looks like you have a tendency to have natural connections with people. Nurture these, but at the same time realize there doesn’t have to be any special song and dance. It’s OK to just hang out and be, sometimes. This actually helps us form a more solid foundation in friendships and relationships. Just be yourself, and relax.

4. From what I am being shown, you’ve had some struggles as of late. It really looks like there’s a need to find your voice, and your confidence. Take some time to work on this, practice in the mirror if you need to. Staying quiet about your feelings, doesn’t help anyone. I’m also seeing to get out with friends, and let loose. Enjoy yourself a bit, it will definitely help things get better.

5. The first thing that jumps out at me his strength. Remember, true strength is actually gentle. There’s no reason to be loud to have strength, that can actually be counterproductive to maintaining relationships. There’s always better ways to say things, and remain calm and composed. Try to work on this, and you’ll notice your relationships blossom.

6. Here I’m seeing lessons that need to be learned. Most of this seems to revolve around balance in relationships. Make sure that your relationships with others have an equal balance of giving and take. When this is out of balance, it’ll leave you feeling worn down, and underappreciated. That strains the relationships, as well as you, find this balance, and things will improve for you.

7. From what I’m seeing here, you’ve got a calm and relaxed demeanor. This actually draws people to you. The only thing I’m really seeing that could be improved here is to open yourself up more emotionally. While the logic you use, is good and sound, sometimes people need to feel that emotional connection. This will definitely help your connections.

8. I’m seeing a need for you to open yourself to possibilities. I understand that life can get us down, and be rough. Closing down doesn’t help though. Work on realizing that while the world can be cruel, you don’t have to let that stop you from living. What others say about you, or do to you, is a reflection of them and who they are. Let them have that. You don’t need them. Find the ones that will care about you.

9. I’m being shown to find the magic in life again. Think back to being a child, and how magical everything was before the world got to you. Start finding that wonder and joy again. A more positive outlook will help a lot, and not just in relationships. However, you will find that this outlook will help your relationships flourish.

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