What it would be like if you could only see with your third eye?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could only see with your third eye? What would it be like to see the different swirling colors of someone’s aura, and not know The concept of color, because you have never seen it with your physical eyes? This is the problem that I, Julia, faced when I first started to read people clairvoyantly. It is a strange idea to be able to see into people’s hearts, but never to see their faces. The good part about this is that I don’t face the visual distractions of the sighted world. Being blind has also forced me to sharpen my abilities faster because I rely on them to find out information about people. For example, when I am out and about, I rely on people to help me get around where I am going. Like when I am wondering where the bathroom is at a given location. I use my intuition to help find people who I can trust, and who will be willing to help me. This sometimes causes a problem. When I am too tuned in to Psychic information, I miss what people are saying in the more Monday reality. Sometimes when I am walking with someone, I start to automatically tune in to information. This causes me to stumble a bit when I am walking. Clearly, this is not the appropriate time to be seeking that information. Being blind has also caused me problems when working at PsychicTXT. Sometimes people send me photographs. my empathy is mostly just confirming what I already know through tone of voice. When it gets awkward, is when I feel things that people do not express. If it is something like sadness, that puts me in a bind because then I feel like I cannot talk to them about it because they have not specifically told me about it in so many words. Being an empath can be rough sometimes. I do not always realize when I am absorbing a lot of people’s feelings. Then I will get tired in the middle of the day, and I will wish I could go home and destress. My Claire cognizance is interesting. I  call it Psychic Tourette’s syndrome. Whenever things pop into my head, I sometimes have to resist the urge to blurt them out. They are not always appropriate for the situation at hand. My Claire audience is pretty standard. The spirit voices just feel like other people’s thoughts. Each spirit has its own individual voice. Despite never having seen with my physical eyes, using my metaphysical as well as more ordinary senses, has enabled me to lead a richer and more fulfilling life, than just with standard senses alone.

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