Uses for Rose Quartz

Uses for Rose Quartz the stuff you know, and the stuff you don’t!


Hi everyone, I’m Katherine an advisor here on PsychicTxt! And today I’d like to talk to you about rose quartz.

Most people think rose quartz is just used for romance issues, but did you know it can be used for all different types of relationships? Even the relationship we have with our self!


Yes, it’s great for our romantic relationships, when put under a pillow or carried close to your heart, it can help to attract true love and desire. It can also be placed next to a photo of your partner to strengthen your bond.


But it can also be given as a gift to a family member whom you’d like a better relationship with,

It can be a calming stone when given to a young family member who is going through behavioral issues.


It can also be worn on a pendant on yourself, to create more loving energy around you and to remind you to always be loving and kind

and to keep your heart chakra open and balanced.


Which all of the above is something I think we can all use right now, especially in these uncertain times.

So, if you’re feeling down and want a little more peace, love and positive energy pick up a piece of rose quartz!


don’t forget to cleanse your crystals before you use them, and cleanse every new moon


Love and light to you all.




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