Understanding Soulmates and Twin Flames

By: Psychic Amber

Hello, I am Amber. I am here to explain to you about twin flames and soulmates and the differences between them.  I will also tell you what you will need to do in order to know when you are together with your soulmate or twin flame.

Do you need to know if you are together with your soulmate or twin flame? Or when you will meet your soulmate or twin flame?

These are very good questions when you are in a relationship. I will explain to you the reason why it is important to know whether or not they are your soulmate or twin flame. These are two different types of relationships. Twin flames are a stronger relationship even when there are ups and downs – things still grow.

Being together with the soulmate or having a soulmate can actually be another person other than a romantic relationship. These can be true friends or also family members. Yes, you can be a soul mate with your romantic partner, but they can also be with other people in your life. Knowing the difference is a very important thing when it comes to being happy in a romantic relationships.

Knowing will help you to feel much happier, at peace, and you will be able to build a stronger, better connection with your partner.

A lot of people have strong relationships with their best friends and feel a connection where they know what others are thinking or what they are feeling about certain situations. This is why you can be a soul mate with a friend or family member. It’s an energetic connection that runs at the soul level.

But when it is something much bigger and the connection between the two of you is so great that you cannot explain the feelings that you have for one another, then you are likely working with a Twin Flame connection. You may have even had dreams about this person before the two of you actually met. These connections are emotionally, spiritually and physically strong. You may even feel that this person has been in your past life. Like soulmates, you will also be able to pick up how this person is feeling even if the two of you are not near one another or face-to-face. There will just be an indescribable connection.

There are many ways of knowing and finding out who is your twin flame or if you are already together with your twin flame.

You feel a strange sense of “recognition” when you meet the person

You have an immediate, intense connection with them that  is surprising at the same time. It will also feel that you have met this person before in a past life.

They make you a better person, and you make them a better person. When together you are both bonded but free.

A twin flame is basically the other half of your soul. When you are with a twin flame you feel complete. This person is a true mirror of mirror.

When you come together with your twin flame there is a beautiful sense of peace and a new understanding what your life is meant to be. It is truly a blessing . I have been helping people find their twin flames for about 30 years now. Guiding people to a happier, more successful relationship where things can be stronger and more positive. Contact me for accurate honest answers today. I will not guide you in the wrong direction; I will help you to build a successful life and future. You will never get any false hope or me telling you what I feel and think you want to hear. You will get the truth as I pick up on your energies, good or bad. I look forward to assisting you.

Blessings and love and light Amber.