Tune in to the Earth’s heartbeat….

 Many people do not know about the Schumann Resonance is or the effects this frequency has on the world as a whole. I am going to break down exactly what the Schumann Resonance is, as well as the numerous, proven benefits of tuning in to it.
    Mother Nature’s pulse, or heartbeat is the 7.83 Hz frequency, also commonly known as the The Schumann Resonance.These electromagnetic resonances are generated by lightning storms in the space between the Earth’s crust and the ionosphere. I will spare you the full scientific details here, but encourage you look it up for deeper exploration because it is fascinating and very empowering.

   A 7.83 Hz is an alpha/theta brainwave frequency in the human brain. This brainwave frequency is calm, relaxed,  and coincides with cell regeneration and healing occurs. The surge in technology has bombarded humankind with an overload of less therapuetic frequencies that affect people in countless negative ways, because the Shumann Resonance affects melatonin. A few examples of how significant alterations can manifest in bodily systems by negatively affecting blood pressure, reproduction, immune health, and can even have carcinogenic effects.

   Since in this day and age, it is virtually impossible to escape these negative frequencies completely and that can be disheartening, especially in an age where cell phones and various other devices are basically always on our person or very close by, but there are Shumann Resonance generators that can be very beneficial in meditation, improving stress tolerance, rejuvenating your body, memory and learning improvement, and various other benefits that can have such a powerful impact on your physical and emotional well being and help you feel more grounded and release emotional blockages.

   I encourage others to tune into the Schumann Resonance in general, but especially to help rebound from the pandemic and the negative effects this has had on human health and well-being. You can find Schumann frequencies online and there are even apps that emit around 8 Hz.

    Scientific experiments have proven that people who  tune in to 7.83 Hz, which is the planet’s own magnetic wavelength, experience countless health and well-being benefits that run a wide array of positive effects like better memory, lower stress, which balance blood pressure and anxiety as well, helps bring balance, anti-jet-lag, and increased stress tolerance (which come on now, after 2020, who doesn’t?)

Whichever way you tune in to the Schumann Resonance, it is definitely a great way to tune into the Earth’s heartbeat and I use it my in meditation and it is amazing to tune into the Earth’s natural frequency when manifesting or performing spellwork. I definitely hope this piques your curiosity enough to explore deeper into the Schumann Resonance because sometimes everyone needs the Earth to bring in the truth, whether positive or negative, to really find your center and be in a stable place. Not to mention (again) the scientifically proven benefits make it totally worth it.

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