All of us have always have come across various dreams while sleeping. It is a very common phase of our sleep. Dreams are an expression of thoughts, feelings, and events that pass through our minds. Sometimes it is an indication of unfulfilled desires and sometimes it gives us a sense of déjà vu. Some of them are indications of psychological signals too which we often ignore at times. But have you ever noticed that recurring dreams or ever nightmares that keep originating often and sometimes day to day .

However, there may be some common recurring dreams like failing in life, Falling, Going back to school, or even about a person whom we have not even seen or even does not know enough about them. However, most of them certainly tell about our psychological state. They even indicate the suffering which is deeply embedded in our mind and certainly about those pains which we can’t reveal.

Sometimes seeing new persons or places in our recurring dreams does indicate a past life connection that is trying to give us a hint about possible changes coming our way. Sometimes they indicate future events and occurring also.  A recurring dream is trying to give us an important message about something or someone.

Strong psychic people or even those who have strong moon connection in horoscope do see things which are about to happen. They can even see a good thing happening or even a mishap and natural calamity too. Every energy is inter bound and this energy takes a proper shape, phase of even a full picture which does touch us via a medium of dream and decodes important messages given to us.

But seeing the same dream the same place time or even anything repetitive is a strong indication that the mother universe is trying to give us through this dream energy. It may be your past love connection or lost soulmate in your previous life. Similarly, places and other things indicate a proper connection with us. In our present life also we can come across all the related things happening in our dreams and decoding a very important hidden task.

So keeping a check on such recurring things can give us an important idea of how related things can change our lives in the coming future or can heal a deep hidden fear or issue.  This mysterious science is so big that if we keep on decoding the things we see in this lifetime we can get a very important message for ourselves. In every phase of our being, we are being warned, intimated, and even informed about the coming things through this vast environment to keep a check be safe and take decisions accordingly. Have you ever remembered or ever kept a check on this message. If no go ahead and keep a check on what is coming your way and what is your message from this vast mother Universe.

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