The Effects of Settling

By: Psychic Rhonda

Everyone has their ideal mate in mind and what type of relationship they desire but sometimes we meet the total opposite or someone who may only possess half of the characteristics we want and the relationship works out beautifully. However, there are times when we choose someone who is out of our league in a bad other words settling. You notice right away things about them that are turn offs or habits that you wouldn’t normally associate yourself with but you’ve been single for quite some time and hey, you got lonely. Now, don’t get me wrong, none of us are perfect..all of us have things we can work on within ourselves and a relationship is about two personalities joining together and adapting, but overlooking major red flags and believing that they won’t come back to haunt you can cause a lot of grief.


  • For example, you meet a guy who is only interested in a physical relationship and doesn’t want a commitment and you do. You’re thinking relationship and eventually marriage but he has already informed you he’s not and now its 6 months later and you’re hurt that he doesn’t have feelings for you or your “relationship” hasn’t progressed. This guy did nothing wrong. He was open and honest with you and laid everything out at the beginning and it was your choice to take it or leave it and you chose to accept it. In your mind you were probably thinking things would change at some point or that perhaps you could actually change him but that was your reality not his.
  • Another example is beginning a relationship with someone who is already involved or has a track record of being a serial cheater. Again, the rules are already in place and this is a matter of accepting being second choice and receiving the minimum. This relationship works only in favor for the one reaping the benefits of having two lovers. They are having their cake and eating it too(with rainbow sprinkles!) so why on earth would they want to change anything about that? And even if they decided to, guess what? You could never fully trust them because as the saying goes: “If they cheat with you, they will cheat on you.”

What people don’t understand is that whatever you initially accept is exactly what will continue. With the world’s population around 7 billion, there is someone willing to give you what you want without  you compromising your standards or morals. You can’t expect or demand more from someone who was only being themselves. They never denied who they were or what it was they wanted. You just created an illusion of how you wanted it to be and got carried away with the fantasy.  Unfortunately, we have all done it. This is why I emphasize patience so strongly. The best things in life are always worth the wait. Repetitive disappointment can alter you, your beliefs and your future outlook on life as a whole. It can also bring about depression and put you in a state of mind that settling is your only option and you won’t be able to find better.

Be realistic with yourself and your situation and don’t be so quick to give your all to someone or let them receive benefits. You should be giving to a person willing to give you the same in return. You will be doing so at your own discretion. They are not obligated or liable to reciprocate and this can and will lead to a broken heart. Remember your standards and what you want. It will make a remarkable difference in your relationships. If you are concerned about your relationship, reach out to me today in the Psychic Txt app and I will be happy to take a look at your connection and get you the answers you need to know.