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Tarot For Tuesday – September 1, 2015 – Nine of Cups

Tarot For Tuesday – September 1, 2015 – Nine of Cups

4ofwands While there is no doubt the Nine of Cups is the proverbial wish card, in the Deviant Moon we are also asked to continue manifesting what we desire most. It teaches us that we can bring whatever we desire into our life so long as we ask for it and then simply believe.

It would be easy to believe with a genie right in front of you, but sometimes it’s challenging to keep our minds focused on the possibility of it all. Know it can happen for you.

Spend time focusing in on your specific desires. See, feel, and know they will come to you as asked, and then let the thoughts of them go. Holding onto the thoughts and obsessing over these desires leads to doubt which quickly closes up our energy and inhibits the flow. Just relax, trust, and let the genies do their work today. You’ve earned it.

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