Taking care of your energy during times of stress.

The last few months have been difficult, to say the least, for almost everyone in the world. At times like this, we can forget to take care of a very important part of “us” and that is our energy side. This is the part of you that gets you through those tough spots and sometimes gets forgotten in all the hustle and bustle of life.

This becomes more important when you are under a lot of stress, worries, or just overall in an anxious place. It is almost as if we burn the energy at triple the speed. Just like you would care for your car, get it checked, alignments are done, oil changed, it’s just as important to make sure the “engine” that is YOU be cared for. During times of stress try to eat a little “better”, try to get enough rest, make sure to take some time “away” from the stressful triggers. Some examples might be: Not watching the news for one day, not reading all the depressing things on social media every day, Take a walk to connect with natural energy. You will be amazed! This is what my Guides like to call “feeding the Soul”.

There are times, like now when the stress seems to be never-ending and you may need to add some “oomph” to the pampering. An added little lift to help you take a breath and recharge. I refer to it as “what is YOUR chocolate?”

This can be anything if its chocolate…great! but it could be pittering in the garden, a soak in a hot bath, reading a book with no distractions, or even playing with the dog. Some of you might play video games, color, draw or paint and some (like ME) may put on some favorite music and enjoy a nice bit of good chocolate. Whatever your “chocolate” is just making sure it makes your soul dance and sing….and relax. Take time and feed your Soul! You will be glad you did!

Love and Light!

Evee Grace


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