Symphony of retrogation..

If you look in the sky, at the end of this June month it’s like planets are playing a Symphony of being in retrogation, mercury is retro in its own sign Gemini, Jupiter is retro in Capricorn, Venus is retro in his own Taurus sign, Saturn is also retro in his own sign Pluto is retro and on 23rd Neptune also went to retrograde in Aquarius. if you see, it’s like the group of children who want to just fulfill what they want, they are strong and stubborn they just want to fulfill their wishes this kind of energy you will get as the kids who want the candy from the high shelf only… And the cherry on the cake in this whole situation is the solar eclipse and And this situation this combination is creating kind of energy in the universe which is not ready to listen to anyone and everybody wants to follow desire there calling of the heart. This situation may remain till this running week and slowly it will take time in going in the end of next week things will get better and then people will have a more benevolent and better perspective towards each other or towards in a relationship. The current scenario is giving dissatisfaction, a doubt towards everyone towards the people who are around, in a relationship in their families, and because of corona thing fear for life is haunting everyone..
so the question is what one should be doing? just follow what the heart is saying or if there are some other things to get followed..those who are interested in this article they know the strength of planets and they know what this energy can do in their life and the reason of astrology, the reason to see to look into the energy is to find out the solution what is the best thing to follow, so in this current scenario one needs to be humble down do not take a decision which is based on emotions, like if you can delay your decisions for the coming month and it is and its related with your work job or if your relationships are not coming out as you are wanting, then just give a pause give space and delay the decision as you want to make a decision right now, or if somebody is troubling you if somebody is creating a disturbance in your life, so you must remember that he or she is just reacting energy they are getting which is effected energy of planets, which is making a person terrible feeling as the whole world is against them,
Yes if it’s matter of life or death then it’s a different thing, but try to remember that the action taken on the right time can give you best results and you can get the results as you truly want, so do not play the puppet of the current energy and try to check if something is disturbing and if something is motivating to take decision if it is the right time.
This is high time to act to enhance your spiritual growth when the planet is retro it becomes aggressive and if you know how to use this energy in your meditation on your different chakras then you can attain very great sensitivity at this time. so let you use Symphony of planets in your favor, instead of playing by planets.

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