Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well! With everything going on in the world. The holiday season is here! December 1st is good month to recharge you’re energy. And prepare for a new beginning the new Year I sense will be more positive and stable then 2020. It was not the best year but I know we where able to make it work!  And the best way to bring in the new year.  Here is some tips! On what to do!

A lot of people. In some parts of southern Italy still do this. Throwing old pans or pots out or clothes anything that can cause clutter. It’s best to remove it before the new year!

Another positive step.

Is to clear out any old energy in you’re home Take a little time on December 31 to cleanse the energy in your home. You could burn a smudge like white sage, Palo Santo or incense; or sound vibrations like drumming, a singing bowl or even simply clapping your way around the house. (This also has the benefit of being kid-friendly!)

And another big step is also to forgive somebody. Whether it’s a grudge you’ve been holding. Onto all year long or just someone who may have spilled a drink on you.

It’s best to take time to forgive someone whether it is big or small. Forgive them.

It’s SO simple, yet is one vital spiritual practice that will truly help you reset your energy for the New Year.

If you have an alter it’s best to clean! And reset it also before the new year! New Years’ is the best time! To clean and wipe away anyway dust gathering. And recharge the energy and when you’re done! Say a prayer to attract love money peace and happiness!

Another positive step is to also take a ritual bath.

If you’re up to it! End the night early it can be wonderful and refreshing to wake up January 1st with a full night’s rest! With a fresh mind and new energy to bring into the new year.

And the final big step is to decide what you will leave behind in 2020.

It’s never easy.

Take time to think about what was holding you back whether it is a person. Or something you are doing to yourself. And how you can change that and move forward into your new year.

Take a pen and paper and right top 5 things you may have had a hard time with.

What are the personal blocks?  keeping you from moving forward. The choice is hard. But you will make the right choice! And after time a moment to thank yourself. And say a prayer as well. And remain positive.

And the new year will be positive and stable!

Happy holidays! Hope everyone stays safe.                                                         Connect with Bridgette today for live chats and texts on the Psychic Txt app.