Spiritual Love: How to Tell When Your Love is Connected By the Divine Universe

By: Psychic Shawn

What is Spiritual Attraction

Spiritual attraction is a divine and cosmic universal connection that brings 2 people together in an emotional experience. Unlike any other, as soon as you lay eyes on that person, you feel your pulse racing and your heart may feel like it is going to beat out of your chest. You will feel the blood soaring through your veins and your breathing becomes different. It feels like you are getting out of balance, you may become afraid and very anxious. You are not yourself, and all of a sudden you enter panic like state. This is because most likely you have met the one. Unlike soul mates and twin flames which is another form of a spiritual connection universal attraction is very real and can be scary more so than, meeting your soulmate. It is a desire unlike any other you feel for that person – a feeling as if you were together in many life times before. Meeting your spiritual mate can be as witnessing a loved one come back from being deceased. You instantly know you met this person before, It’s powerful, life changing, mind altering, and for some can be completely devastating if you don’t know how to control your feelings in the start of the relationship. Anger, arguments jealousy, love, passion, intimacy, romance, come in their truest forms between these partners. And not knowing how to keep things stable can be very frustrating and ultimately can cause greater heart break than ever experienced before.

How to Be in Control of a Spiritual Relationship

1: Always remain a priority to yourself: When having your first spiritual experience in love, it’s quite common to forget yourself, your priorities, dreams, goals, and those closest to you. Don’t let yourself fade because of your partner. You may start to give more than is needed in the relationship and in the end this will cause problems. This is because you may start to become angry at your partner for not doing the same in return and you will view them as selfish and cold. But, ask yourself, did they require all of this effort from you? Have they told you to give up on what’s important in your life.? If the answer is no, then it’s time to start meditating more, relaxing and taking time to prioritize what’s meaningful to you.

2: Let the anger go: arguments are normal when a love is deep and spiritual. But, holding on to anger and bitterness will not help the relationship move forward even if your partner may have said or done something out of the ordinary. It’s best to let it go, because holding on to that energy pattern will only bring more of that negativity into the relationship. If your partner meets you with anger meet them with love. Don’t add fuel to the fire. Instead, let your love be the water that puts fire and anger out. Always hold onto your strength and understanding, no matter the situation that may come about between you both.

Being Heard in a Spiritual Relationship

Sometimes spiritual partners can become selfish in the relationship. They get used to their significant other giving them tons of love and affection. When this happens, they can  become consumed by this and start to feel like they are being treated special and that nothing is required of them in the relationship, so it’s best to always make sure you say what you need and what you actually want from them.  It’s important to pay attention to how much you are putting in and if you are the cause of them becoming selfish and emotionally dependent on you. You are always going to want to make sure you are seen as a lover, not a mother or a father figure in their lives. Make sure to remain vocal in your needs and wants. One great thing about spiritual relationships is that the partners are great with understanding each other, when communication is open and honest.

3 Key Steps to Success in a Spiritual Relationship

1: Compassion
It’s easy to get distracted by arguments, frustration, and issues that come about in relationships. But, having compassion for your partner even when you are upset is important. If they are going through something and they need you be there for them, showing them you love them is important to secure the future between you both.

2: Saying sorry
Sometimes it’s best to be the bigger person in the situation and say sorry, even if you aren’t the one who’s wrong. This is where egos can come into play, who’s right and who’s really at fault. Being the one to say sorry first will give you more of an advantage point in the future. Showing your partner that you do care and want to make things work will help to end the negativity and turn it into positivity.

3: When to say yes and no
Sometimes loving your partner, can make you go out of your comfort zone and do things you didn’t want to do in the first place. If you don’t learn to say yes to something you actually like, and no to something you don’t like or don’t want to do, it can cause issues in the future. Always remain true to yourself.

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