Soulmates – Why we should not be hung up on them.

Many years ago, a psychic told me that the man I was madly in love with was my soul mate. So, I wasted two and a half tumultuous years with this man coming and going from my life as he pleased, until I realised this was not a man I could spend eternity with.  The psychic was right, later I discovered I had spent many life times with this man all of them ending in pain.  

It was then I realised that just because someone told me this man was a soul mate does not mean I was meant to spend this life time with him. So began my quest to understand the concept of soulmates and the role they play in our lives, and what I discovered may surprise you. 

What is a Soul Mate?

Did you know that before we incarnate in human form we make deals with other spirits to meet up on earth to learn certain soul lessons? Some of these people may remain with us for a lifetime, some only remain until we have learnt a lesson and then move on with their journey.”   A soulmate is someone who we agreed to meet up with on our human journey to learn and grow. We do not need to spend the rest of our lives with them. 

Some people learn their lessons quickly and find a good partner and settle down early. Others take a little longer, and keep meeting the same types of people over and over until they have learned the intended lesson.  Something to consider next time you are wondering why you keep meeting the wrong people.  Another thing to consider is – do you think a loving God or the Universe or Creator would want you to spend eternity with someone that causes you a lot of anxiety or stress? 

Is there one person I am meant to be with?

If you ask a psychic, “When will I meet the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with? what would do if they said, “Actually you are not going to meet your final partner until you are 50, at a karaoke evening in a bar that has not yet been built?” Would you sit on the couch eating chips until the date you were given and then head out to the new karaoke bar? If you did that you probably would not meet your forever partner, because you may have had a soul contract with someone else first in order to learn more about yourself and prepare you for meeting your final love. 

As humans we have free will, we also have many love options. Sometimes they appear but we are not ready for them so they move on. That’s ok there will be more options. Some may stay for a few years while we learn and grow from each other and then grow apart. Thank that person for contributing to your journey knowing that you are that much closer to finding another deeper connection. 

So instead of getting hung up on questions about soul mates or who am I meant to be with or is this my forever love? Try these questions: What am I meant to be learning from this relationship? What do I need to know about my relationship with X? What do I need to do to prepare for my next love? How can I move forward and heal my broken heart? What do I bring to a love relationship?

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