Simplify Your Life


As I said earlier, we like to make our lives hard on ourselves. This is not the way it was meant to be. Look around at your life and what might not be working. Don’t do so much within a day and take some time out for you, allowing time with Spirit/Universe or whoever is your spiritual thing. I know I have been a squeaky wheel, but this is important.

Simplicity-a. Clarity of expression.

When we simply things, we are able to gain clarity and the right perspective, to live out our life here harmonious.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say, you have a meditation altar you spent a lot of time putting together. Is it gathering dust because you are working too hard, to actually enjoy it? You work hard, so that you are able to get these things, and now you aren’t able to put them to use?

Where is the joy in that?

Is that how you want to be viewed? That you have no clarity?
Honor simplicity and its place in your life and integrate it.

Manifesting Your Desires in 70 Seconds

There is a popular and true theory that manifesting your desires can happen in as little as 68 seconds. While this is true most people need longer than this because they need to quiet their mind and energy. I have tested this out with myself and clients many different times and have found out 2 minutes spent doing that illustrious breathing exercise and aura exercise, makes all the difference in the world; and ensure you will have success.

Now, sometimes in more difficult cases you will have to do the 70 seconds quite a few times; it will happen though.

Get very clear, what you want before you do this though. I have been priming many of you for this for two years already. If you aren’t clear what you really want, it is like tossing an apple into a tornado. It will spit it right back in your face. This brings me to the next part of manifesting your hearts desires.

If, you are not clear what you want; you are on the outside of things. You need to be on the “inside” looking out; not looking in.

When we are too fixated on things we want, upset at what we think isn’t happening, on dates times etc.; it is like we are tossing ourselves into our “vortex” getting spit back out again. Some of you I am sure haven’t heard of the vortex spoken about in Abraham lectures. Some of you have but don’t get what they are speaking of. I am going to explain all of it for you in easier terms.

You all or at least most of you, know what your aura is. Your aura is your vortex. An aura is not stationary. When you blow bubbles, they fly all over the place. Think of these bubbles as your thoughts and positive or negative energy. Your aura is constantly on the move, with each and every thought and feeling you have. Really think of this for a moment. If you have all of this flying all over the place on the outside of you, it can’t find its home on the inside of you i.e.; manifestation.

Your aura is really kind of like a slow tornado. It should be slow and calm like the eye of a tornado; IN, THE CENTER. When we get worked up about things, we gain too much speed and it spits us out of our center, repeatedly; as well as all the things we are trying to manifest. If things are spinning too quickly, it creates a forcefield; that leaves no pocket for things to swing in. If your vacuum, is too powerful; things get sucked in too quickly. Then you cant catch those pennies on your floor, that you don’t even want anymore; ruining the center of your vacuum, and blowing the motor.



I hope this explains this in a way, that you are able to put all of these tools to work for you; so that you can enter into 2021, inside of your vortex.

Love and Light…

Your Friendly, Neighborhood Psychic,

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