Saturns Retrograde in May 2020

This may 11th is going to be Saturns retrograde. This is a big impact on financial energy and career changes. It may not be an easy year  right now but
Saturn’s retrograde does hold strong energy to help you better focus on the more career-bound energies in your life. And. By Sep 29th Saturn will return to its direct position.
This may 13th venues also will be in retrograde. Venus is in charge of love and beauty. This retrograde is letting you know that you don’t make any rash plans in your love life right now. You and your partner may have a good connection but doing anything romantically permanent in retrograde may lead to a step back into the relationship.  But by June 25th it will ease back to normal and you will have a good and open door for all of your future love adventures.
This May 14 Jupiter will be in retrograde and this time around Jupiter is showing you strong self-reflection. Allowing you to better get a sense of your life as a whole big picture we often have a hard time seeing this but as Jupiter hits us a lot of us may feel very strongly self-aware.
And by Sep 13th it will go back into its a direct position

So overall this may is jam-packed with energy that will change all around you do your best during this time to see this key moment in your own life.


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