To those less sentimental of us, Father’s Day might represent another chance for Hallmark and those of its ilk to cash in on a potential lucrative opportunity. However, even if we do adhere to this opinion, most of us love our fathers. Masculine energy is represented in Chinese philosophy by the yang symbol. It is 1/2 of a whole, a polarity that exists within us all. Humanities energetic make up is composed of these opposing, and complementary forces. Yin energy represents, among other characteristics, receptivity, intuition, and reflection. Yang energy represents  action, structure, and linear thinking. Like everything in life, there is a spectrum. Some of our fathers may have more of a yin inclination to there personality, and others may lean towards the yang side of the equation. If they are spiritually inclined, and have more of a yang bent to their character, they might participate in activities such as ritual dancing. If they are more of a yin type individual, they might take part in a psychic development class, where attendees sit in a circle. The first example represents action. The second illustrates a more passive  nature. another facet of this duality is demonstrated by the following scenario. A mother and a father are watching their four year old son climb a tree. The father urges him to keep going with shouts of encouragement. his mother, on the other hand, says “ be careful.” Our mothers are the de facto go to parent for keeping us safe. Our fathers encourage our adventurousness. We need both aspects of the yin/yang contradiction for a well-balanced, harmonious spiritual life.   


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