Rising Up and Gaining Independence from Turmoil

Dictionary.com states that independence means, that someone is not influenced or controlled by others with matters of opinion and conduct. It also states, thinking or acting for oneself.

This includes matters of health or challenges one might have.

     This my friends are all about letting go. You are freeing yourselves from the responsibility and allowing greatness to happen; because you KNOW without a doubt, that it will happen.  You no longer have to worry about tomorrow or what it will bring because you know it will all be good. It is when now you will be waking in the morning with a pure and open heart instead of the same old “Oh great now I have to get up.”

     You may now ask me as everyone before “Well…How do I let go? What is it like, and how do I know it has happened?” Perhaps, you have tried to let go before and yet no matter what you tried to do nothing seemed to work. It is not your fault you just didn’t have the tools or anything to compare it to. Are you ready for the answer?

     Some of you I have worked with you on your energy field and your chakras? When you, were doing the breathing exercise and you felt that coldish kind of breeze? It is very similar to that experience. This is the “lock and load” moment…It is however, a lot more intense than that mild breeze. You will get chills all over…it is undeniable….it is very similar in sensation to having an orgasm. That’s right, I said it. That is what it is like… When you are visualizing everything being freed, it is a lot like being in that state of gratitude. You start becoming so elated, so excited at your new life you start getting “chills”, all those butterflies, perhaps even tears of joy that finally, finally, finally, you have completed your first mission!

     If some of you are still having issues with this then I have a solution. Visualize your authentic self while you are approaching orgasm. I realize to some it may sound blasphemous.  It is not meant to be offensive or ridiculous, but it is a natural function of our bodies, and we should be comfortable with it. It is a beautiful thing when you are in that moment of being with God and in that place of gratitude. It is not a bad thing…and for some this is what works, at least at first, until you get the hang of letting go. This is a place that a lot of people are seriously lacking in their lives and it was not meant to lie dormant for several seasons at a time. This is not meaning to go get several partners, and have as many orgasms “to create” or to free yourselves. You don’t need a partner for this and it is best in fact if you don’t for the purposes of your new born independence. Learn to love being alone with your body. It is sacred.

For right now work with this Key for a week or so before you move on to Key 7.

Celebrating Your Independence

To be able to really embrace your independence, you have to be able to receive it; as well as any other good you are trying to bring into your life.

     To really understand, let’s look at what receive really means.

Receive- acting as a receptacle. To take in and utilize as nourishment and absorb into your system. Take into the mind and thoroughly comprehend through the mind or senses. (Summarized from Free Dictionary)

     We were meant to enjoy our lives and live in a constant celebration. By now, most of you should have a good idea at least; that being joyful and happy gets you much further in life than being in a constant state of being angry or depressed. Have you ever gone out somewhere just to watch people? I have and have gone as much as eight hours without seeing one single person smile! This is a sad state of affairs indeed.

We were meant to be happy and joyful…

     I am not telling you that you should never feel sadness or anger…to feel these emotions is human. I am merely saying feel it and let it go and be joyful for a new day. I look back at my life, back at a time when I was like many of you…angry, filled with hate for myself, for others, with absolutely no joy. I was so busy feeling that anger, I wasn’t enjoying life.

     This has not come to me however, without work on my part. I had to allow the joy to come to me and fill me up. That’s the great part of this last step, all it takes is the willingness to rest, to sit and take it in…and be the receptacle.

     How many of us enjoy our lives? Many of us have worked from sun up, to sun down and past. For many of us our home is our work. We say we work so we can live, but is that really living? Working so hard, sometimes barely eating (how ironic), just to make that buck…so we can hmmmm eat? So, we can enjoy “the finer things in life”. Yet, we aren’t enjoying life; because we are too busy working too hard trying to keep up with the Jones’s or idea of what living really is.

     Take time out…Smell the flowers, walk barefoot on the grass, mothers and fathers enjoy the your children…They are only young for a season…Life is only here for a season. So take it in, take all of it in, create fireworks for yourselves…and embrace your independence. Even in the adversity; embrace it.

     To get you started, I have created a mantra for you to say whenever it crosses your mind.

I now take back my power and reclaim my authentic self! I am whole I am beautiful…I am at peace.

     The next part I usually have people work on a breathing exercise and their aura and grounding before I give them this next part. Some of you though have already gotten those exercises and some of you might be ready to go for the gusto. It is as easy as simply stating it. Some of you will have issues just doing it and if that is the case, just text me through the app and I will happily send you the other exercises.

  1. My Aura Is Limitless
  2. My Chakras Are Completely Balanced
  3. My 120th Chakra Is Limitless
  4. My Vibration Is That Of Spirits’s, the Universe or God’s

In Love and Light…

Your Friendly Neighborhood Psychic,


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