This month, I was drawn to love life, and what lessons are needed to help things succeed in love. We all have areas we can grow in, and one of the biggest concerns I see is love and romance. Let’s see what you need to know to make things better in that area of life. Pick the picture you’re drawn to (this may not necessarily be the one you like the most). What one calls to you? Then go to the corresponding number, to figure out what you can do that will help things along.

  1. What I am seeing here, is to take some time to heal, as I do see things are ready to get better. Release the past, and plan the path forward. Take some time to write out what it is exactly that you’re looking for, to help manifest it. Once you are feeling up to it, I am seeing to put yourself out there, and be ready for something good. Until you put yourself out there, I’m not seeing much happening though.
  1. This one is all about communication. Being clear in our communication is very important. Setting boundaries is also very important, both for yourself and those around you. If you’re not sure on boundaries, please Google “setting healthy boundaries”, as this is an important step. None of this has to be in a rude way, as there are always ways of saying things in a nice way. A gentle strength. I really feel doing this will help further your love life.
  1. The biggest thing I’m seeing here, is to realize it’s okay to maintain your independence, even in a committed relationship. In fact, it forms stronger relationships, when both people maintain their independence. Give them the space they need to grow, and take your space needed to grow. Then come together, and work on the relationship, while maintaining that balance. When we don’t do this, it causes unhealthy dependencies, and people begin to feel smothered. Thus causing struggles in the relationship.
  1. What I am seeing here, is to take the time to look within yourself, to find what you need. Take some time to meditate, and ask. Don’t expect the answer, and allow it to come in it’s time. I’m also seeing to take things slowly, to make sure to build solid foundations. Remember, oftentimes, less is more. I’m also seeing to find what sparks passions, and do more of that, as that will help things along.
  1. Here, I am seeing a need to find balance. A balance between your passion and your emotions. It can be tough, when we act through passion. Unfortunately, passion is based in fire, and burns itself out. However, emotion is what we are left with at the end of the day. So passion is a good start, but needs to come down a bit, to allow in my emotions to come through. I’m also being shown to be careful, and not allow others to take advantage of you. It’s OK to set boundaries, and tell them no. Especially when it comes to keeping your own sanity.
  1. From what I am seeing here, it looks like this is about finding your personal power, and being willing to take a leap of faith. It does look like things have been rough, but they can get much better. Don’t be afraid to tell others how you feel, no one can read your mind. It’s definitely important in a relationship, to not hold anything in. Take that leap of faith, and keep your communication open. I really do feel this will help.
  1. The biggest thing I am seeing here, is to make sure you have a strong friendship with the person you’re in a relationship with. Without forming their friendship, and fully enjoying each other‘s company without expectations, things can get difficult. Your romantic partner, should also be your best friend. I’m also seeing to create an environment of open communication. Remember, communication is about listening to understand each other, not about being right or wrong.
  2. The biggest thing I am seeing here, is to be ready to make a decision. Don’t be held back by a decision, as that’s not going to help any situation. However, you also want to make the decisions that are right for you. Make them from a grounded place. To ground yourself, take a walk in nature with barefoot, hug a tree, plant some plants, or take a shower and just feel the water running over you. Thanks it down, and write down pros cons. Take a look at it more from a logical perspective, than an emotional perspective. But make those decisions.
  3. The biggest thing I am seeing here, is to have patience, and make sure you see things from different angles. Open up your perspective, and this will help a lot in your life overall. Take your time, as there’s no need to rush into anything. Come at it from an angle where you understand things will be stable. If not, then there really isn’t a good reason to be there. However, I do see, that if you can do this, things will get much easier.

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