Phases of moon affect on Our Relationships


Today we are going to talk about the phases of the moon and how this has an effect on our soulmates and partners.
this past Feb 9th the full moon has transitioned into Leo. like this sighs animal symbol counterpart the loin is confident strong and free leos energy in this full moon will bring
a steady stream of positive energy for you and your partners. the full moon brings the release of anxiety and stress.
maybe you and your partner have not been open with your hearts to each other.
this phase in the moon will allow you both to relax let go remember the feeling of love again in your hearts.
as the moon transitions to Virgo and libra by the 13th you both will get a sense of calm really taking time to see each other again.
this is not a negative thing it is very positive. and by the time it reaches Capricorn and bypasses Scorpio. there will be a spark back into you and your loves heart a yearning to want a connection again.
you may be thinking but how is the moon so effective to our energy. well just like the ocean is affected by the moon with its tides so are our energy.
this full moon will bring the high tides of leos energy’s strongly into this Feb. meaning it will heighten the feelings of love confidence and strength into your energy with your partner.
and as the tides slow down and the moon phases become smaller the other energy of Virgo and libra will bring the calm soft energy’s back into play. because these phases are the waning moon they bring a bit less traits of the sigh the moon is under but each soul has connected to the moon sun and stars all around and has a deep effect on our hearts.



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