At the core, we deal with extremes in our daily life; every single day. How do we find a way to cope? If you find yourself overwhelmed; I may have a technique that can help to relax you during chaotic episodes life throws your way.
 I myself have dealt with anxiety most of my life; this trick can alter your moment-to-moment existence. Allowing you to not become perfect however is not a ” cure ” for your anxiety but this is alas a Technique or Practice meant to help alleviate anxiety at the moment it occurs. But to overcome while in the moment of an extreme anxiety trigger. Allow yourself to begin by focusing on your awareness; soul, consciousness, or between the third-eye to begin.
 To Start you must start by placing your awareness on the moment or situation that causes the anxiety. Begin by imagining yourself freezing the moment by taking a deep and slow inhale; do not exhale, hold said breath only until your lungs are full- exhale gently. As you exhale you will begin to release your tension; force your awareness to drop the tension as your breath releases.
Relax and begin to settle. Take as many breaths as you require, always remain mindful when inhaling & exhaling. Each breath outward will release your tension, emotion & align the brain and central nervous system to a state of balance. You will begin to feel more in control of your situation and emotional reaction when you feel stress or in a heated moment of intensity.
If you find yourself needing one-on-one help I’m here for you always!
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