New year and New Hope in Love

As we step into New year 2021, the reading highlights that we are in the year of The Lovers. This is a significant year for all those people waiting for Love in life 👩❤️‍👨💞
In a more Traditional way The Lovers card in the upright position reflects movements towards end of troubles. It indicates taking decisions for long pending situations. Reunions and Meeting your soul mates. Stronger connections and wedding bells for some👰🏼‍♀️This also shows strong physical attractions and passion in your relationships.
In this journey of life the good and bad goes together so there could be few down sides as well. People might get attracted to the wrong ones as we will see charmers all around, people looking for love but more of a physical one. Also Strong attractions can turn into obsessions and Wrong decisions can create imbalance.
Year 2021 will bring new energy in your relationships, people will become more responsible towards their family and relationships. A change in shift towards relationships will bring back a feeling of protection and safety in future generation.
This year is not quite significant for finances but there will be improvements and time to survive. Support will be around from unexpected sources.
The Divine guidance tells that It’s time to leave all the stress and trauma from the last year behind as universe is now opening doors to healing and love. Angel of Love 🧚‍♀️will surround the Mother Earth to heal us. Angel of Love will help us heal relationships, connect with lost love. It’s the year where marriages will happen, two will become three 👨👩👦which means time to make love babies👼🏻
If you are someone who is troubled in love and relationships, it’s time your prayers will be answered and will bring back the lost love for most. March 2021 onwards is the time to welcome back and embrace the love that you have been waiting for.
Quick Love Fix
Lit a Pink or Red candle on Sunday nights to honour The Angel of Love and create a powerful love aura around you and attract the love of people around you. This will heal relationships and make them miss you.
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