My Vision For Year 2020

Choosing a word to symbolize the new year can give you something to focus your energy on. A word that symbolizes what you want to accomplish in the months that follow. For 2020, I chose the word “Vision”. This feels like the perfect word to help focus my energy. I want to focus on my vision for the future and where I see myself a year from now.
What vision do you have for the year? Take some time to think about what you want to accomplish in 2020. What do you want your life to look like by the end of the year? Take out a piece of paper and a pen and brainstorm. If you don’t want to write it out by hand type it up or record yourself speaking. This should be a personal experience so do whatever feels right for you.
A clear quartz crystal can be great for helping you see things clearly and for manifesting what you desire. Hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes and picture what you want to manifest. Visualize what you want to accomplish this year and believe that it can happen. Get the clearest vision that you can summon in your mind. Clearly see yourself accomplishing your goals and manifesting your desires.
This clear vision for your future is what you want to focus on. This is where some people like to create a vision board to make that vision more real for them. If you feel called to create a vision board, create a vision board. If that does not appeal to you, find something that will help you keep that vision real for you. Daily meditation and visualization can be great for keeping that clear vision in your mind. A daily journal can also help.
Now the vision for your future may change throughout the year and there is nothing wrong with that. As the year moves forward and things change, your outlook may change as well. You can adjust your vision of the future as needed. There is nothing that says it needs to be set in stone. Don’t feel like you have failed if you change your mind. It is your prerogative to change your mind and change your vision of the future. There are no rules that you need to follow. You just need to be true to yourself.
If you need help with your vision for the future, there is nothing wrong with getting help. A psychic reading focusing on what to expect for the new year can get you started on that clear vision. Whether it’s your professional or personal life, you can get a push in the direction that you want or need to go.

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yours!  –  Teresa


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