Asking what to do for mini-readings, I was shown new beginnings, and the importance of planning, and working on setting goals. Pick the picture that you’re drawn to, then go to the corresponding number, to see how to go about things this summer, with fresh beginnings.

  1. The first thing I am seeing here, is to make sure to evaluate what has and hasn’t worked in the past. I’m also being shown to meditate, and look within, as it does look like you have plenty of answers on how to get things going. The meditation, will help clear away the clutter and blocks, to help you see things more clearly. Spend some time on this, as I don’t see a need to rush into anything. Think it through, and plan it carefully, and I do feel this will have you on the right track.
  2. For you, I am seeing to slow down, and watch for obstacles. Reach out to those who understand more on the subject than you do. I am seeing someone willing to help you, to get things moving. Learning from those who went before us, is one of the best ways we can learn. It helps us avoid pitfalls and mistakes that they’ve made, so there are less obstacles in our way. I’m definitely seen a lot of support for your venture.
  3. Here I am seeing to find your place of power. This would be a place, either that you’ve been when you were younger, or fantasized about. A place where you feel relaxed, calm and empowered. Go there, even if it’s just in meditation, and you can’t go there physically. Relax, and let your mind wander, and the ideas will start flowing. From there, write these ideas down, and start setting short term, medium term, and long term goals. I really feel your guides and ancestors trying to help you on this one.
  4. First, there is a feeling of you being worn down, and not having a lot of energy. Release the burdens that aren’t yours, and let others deal with them. Also let go of the burdens that you don’t need to deal with. Take some time to rest, and come back and look at it through refreshed eyes. Make sure to understand, that balance is needed, and that we don’t have to take on everything at once. After all, every journey begins with a step, rather than taking it all on at once. Make sure to put rest and personal time into your goals.
  5. Here I am seeing to rely on help from friends and family. It looks like there’s a support system out there, if you reach out and ask. You are not alone, and have never been alone, even if you felt like it. I do see you being worn down you from the battle, but I also see an opening for things to get better. The idea here, is to watch for that opening, and go for it. However, don’t go it alone, as there is no need to. You will have plenty of support there for you.
  6. So I’m seeing an idea here, whether it’s a hobby or a business. It looks like there either has been an idea, or will be very soon. This will be a balancing act though, and I am seeing a need for patience. Take some time to meditate, and let your intuition guide you. pushing too hard, will only cause struggles, and feeling as if nothing is going to work. However doing nothing, will get nothing done. So while action will definitely be needed, make sure you understand the limitations of what you can and can’t do.
  7. Here, I am being shown to be discerning of those around you that you place your trust in. I do see people wanting to help you, but I also see at least one person being dishonest. If they don’t have your best interest in mind, there’s really no reason to have them around. When it comes to fresh beginnings, we must let go of those who might drag us back. After all, life is all about growth and change, and if somebody doesn’t want us to grow and change, they become dead weight after awhile. So keep those that you can trust close, as I do feel they want to help you through this. Release those that aren’t so helpful.
  8. The first thing I notice here, is a need to get out of your comfort zone. For good things to come, we must get out of our comfort zone, and push ourselves. It’s not really all that comfortable, but that’s when things start to happen. Staying in the safe zone, isn’t really gonna get you anywhere right now. It does look like it’s time to move forward and grow, as I see things are coming to a close in some areas. Don’t be afraid to release it, as these things can only hold you back. Release the past, let go of your fears, and fly.
  9. The first thing I see here, is to trust your intuition. It really looks like your intuition is coming through very strong, and letting you know, it’s time to move forward. Sometimes it’s not easy letting go, to be able to move forward. However it really looks like what you’re actually looking for, isn’t behind you, it’s ahead of you. When that instinct and intuition kicks in, don’t doubt it or dismiss it. Trust it, and follow it.

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