We all are well versed with the term Soulmate, Twinflame, Lifemates, etc, and always wanted to be with someone who is our true soulmate. However the concept of soulmate is not new and in every culture, history, or mythology there is always a mention of the term soul connection or soulmate. He or She is the person with whom we have a deep affinity deep connection or deep bonding. Our interests likes or dislikes are similar or with whom we share a deep bond.

However, we all believe that soulmate is a single person with whom we share an affinity and with whom we have a close stable bond and if we are fortunate enough we will find that one soul in a lifetime with whom we have a deep bond and connectivity but the thing is one person can have many soulmates in a lifetime. We meet a lot of people with whom we develop a deep bond and a deep relation.

Soulmates are not necessarily lovers they are best friends, close people, and even relatives too. It is that person of the soul family with whom we always share a deep bond and deep affinity. In our lifetime we come across many soulmates and we tend to settle down with whom out evolved soul feel an affinity,

People take birth with a similar soul family and out path does cross with them in our whole time span. But that close affinity does form with the one with whom our evolved self and soul find affinity with, So in every phase of our life whether as a kid a teenager or as young pupil we come across out different soulmates. With some of them, we form a lifetime connection and with others, due to Karmic connection, we tend to cross our path only.

Platonic soulmates come when you need them the most. It’s a friend with whom you connect to a deeper level and with whom you share every aspect of life and learn things. Then we come across a soulmate with whom a relation of romance and passion is born. It can be out life mate and twin romantic flame also.

However every soulmate we connect in our lifetime does gives an important lesson to learn. Whether to be more compassionate or to be more romantic. We always tend to take anything special from them or sometimes  Karmic partners do come to teach us some important lessons in our lifetime. However, the important ones will stay in our lives and will be with us in every thick and thin of our lives. However, the one who teaches us a lesson doesn’t stay for long and as our soul evolves with their being we tend to meet someone deeper with this evolved soul.

Life is a long and complicated thing. In every aspect, we need people who can understand us well and can be more supportive or a lesson creator for us. So a single soulmate will not do for it. That is why every phase has a new soulmate or twin flame. Just check and see if you find yours.

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