Hello My Lovlies,


So, being that we are in the lucky month and the 17th is coming is a couple of days I thought I would touch upon some tricks of the trade for manifesting.


Day in and day out, I hear the same thing from people. The focus is on what is not happening. For anything to be manifested, you have to start recognizing what is happening in your life and be full of gratitude; to the point you almost feel pregnant with it.




Gratitude’s are probably one of the most interesting phenomenon’s, in my book. You would be surprised at the swiftness of things turning around just by stating how grateful you are for the things around you. This isn’t because Spirit wishes to hear gratitude. Spirit has no need because Spirit is perfect balance. It was a blessed gift Spirit gave us to help us acknowledge the beauty in our lives. When we are in a state of gratitude, we are in total splendor of the beauty around us. To be in this state is likened to being in love. Love transforms and transcends all.


What are you grateful for? Perhaps it is your child or a child…or a pet? Perhaps it is the green grass or that you are able to see the green grass.

Step1. Become aware of what you are grateful are. Make a list.

Step2. Get involved with your list. Really feel the gratitude for your child, your pet, or the grass. Get wrapped up in the beauty, feel it from your heart center. Most of us have been in love before it is the same thing. Fall in love with the beauty around you. Fall in love with every intricate quality of the grass, of your pet, of your child. Think of how miraculous that all this was created from something of such a microscopic size…Or if you can wrap your mind around that it was all created with a thought of beauty from Spirit. That Spirit created the cells that make us. Our DNA…Careful deliberate thought went into creating us and the grass, seeds, animals, the sky. Everything serves a purpose. Everything has a place…Everything is important. Everything matters…Including you.

Be grateful for you. Spirit is.

After you have done your gratitudes, you have to create some more balance and get back into your center or your vortex as I have written about before. There are some shortcuts that work well after you have learned all the other stuff like grounding, centering, and being able to extend your aura.

Many of us as humans, like to make our lives more difficult than it is. It happens to me also. We don’t like to slow down and we always want to rush things. There is such a thing as perfect right timing. However, if you are in your vortex or center; if you are able to stay there you will be manifesting things for yourself right and left. You think many of you that you don’t have control over the situation but you do.

There are still basic things that you have to learn like those exercises I am always giving out. They are the basic things to set you up for success with anything. We are typically so busy we don’t even realize we are out of our center or vortex (for those that know about Abraham Hicks), and as long as we are not in our center, we won’t be manifesting our desires; making things so much more difficult for ourselves, than it needs to be. You still have to start with the breathing exercise. I know, I know. You will thank me later though.  State with fervor, or (passion and excitement):

I now take back my power and reclaim my authentic self! I am whole I am beautiful…I am at peace. I now ask Spirit, the Universe, God, or Allah (whoever your thing is) to rain all Your love on me. I allow (your entity) to fill me, and I am now whole.


Breathing Exercise Then:


  1. State again with fervor, “My Aura Is Limitless!” The bigger it is the better off you are.
  2. “My Chakras Are Completely Balanced!” I am talking about your seven main energy centers here.
  3. “My 120th Chakra Is Limitless!” (see footnotes*)
  4. “My Vibration Is That Of (your entity)!” (see footnotes**)

When you do number four, you will feel an absolute vibration. You might even hear a “ringing” in your ears from it. There will be a total feeling of elation from it.

I hope you have all found this helpful. If you are reading this and you have not gotten these exercises from me, just text me and ask. I give them freely. 😀


*Many years ago I was channeling, trying to find easy things to help people. I discovered the 120th chakra that resides over the heart chakra in-between your pit and thymus, or 2 1/2-3 inches under your collar bone. Usually, with chakras there is a too big and too small for people, just depending; where they are at in their lives. This is the connective tissue if you will; that connects us to the divine (your entity). No matter what religion you are in. Please note, that there might be some crying. It is a different sort of crying; total joy and bliss, bring connected again.

**I think most of you by now that contact us on PsychicTxt, understand that things even animals, plants, and (your entity) hold an energy or vibration to them. The highest vibration is of whatever your entity is. So, for me I would say, “My vibration is that of God’s!” For someone who might be Muslim for instance, “My vibration, is that of Allah’s!”

Your Friendly Neighborhood Psychic,


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