Low Self-Esteem Can Alter Your Thoughts

By: Psychic Janette

Hello, I am Janette and I want to write about how low self-esteem alters our thinking and emotions. I have been working on myself for a long time and I have noticed something important about this.

Low self-esteem (most of the cases) comes from our past. Perhaps you were bullied during school years, dealt with parents puting you down, didn’t have a good friend to be with, you name it. I have been there. Building friendships can be hard later on too.

But, it is very important to notice and acknowledge whether you have low self-esteem, so you can start working to better it. It will help your life in so many ways, including succession of your goals.



Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem

  • Not feeling worthy of love or happiness
  • Expecting someone else to make you happy (happiness comes within, not outside )
  • Mental issues (anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness)
  • Lack of social life
  • Lack of communication skills and confidence
  • Inability of accept compliments from others
  • Not being fair to yourself

From my own experience and what we have been told (as well as it’s actual meaning), does not always get understood right, because our esteem level does alter us to think the opposite and we will tend to take things personally. I have had this with my family, my ex-partner who is still my friend and people who share the house with me now.

It is very important to ask for clarification when you are not sure about what is actually said to you, so you get the right reaction to your communication before you get upset. So, next time when this moment comes, my advice is to listen, notice if your own thinking is getting in the way. If you are having doubts and are not sure what another person is saying, ask for clarification from her/him. We are practically turning the other person’s words to the opposite and and matching to our own thinking about ourselves (not being good enough etc. ) When communicating with others it is very important to learn to listen. People do not always express so clearly for one reason or another, but it helps when you try to look at body language and the sound of the words.

How can we work with our self-esteem for the better?

  1. Firstly is very important to treat yourself with love, unconditional love. Try not to be so strict on yourself or hard on yourself while judging for every mistake you make. Our lives are meant for learning new things all the time, and there are no perfect people on this planet either. Forgiving yourself is important. So you can move on from your past events, mistakes, to give another new try when you are ready for it. Be your own best friend and your best friend and give yourself lots of love and self acceptance.
  1. Be yourself as you are. There is no reason to compare yourself to anyone else. We are all different and have our own path to walk with our own problems. So, next time, when you think that someone is better, luckier, etc. remember that you do not know their own struggles and problems. I guarantee even the rich and famous have all kind of problems, too.
  1. Focus on something that you are good at. Is this art, home decorating, math, etc.? Share your skills and talents with other people. Even Facebook has groups where people can share their passions for different things and are able to get even better while receiving constructive feedback. When you work with your hobbies and passions, your confidence will improve and you will also feel happier. If you like to listen to music or read a book, these will help you as well. It is important to try new things because this can lead you to finding new passions that you may not be able to even imagine right now.
  1. Support groups online or local can help you to connect with others who have similar struggles as you. Sharing together is better than alone and can even produce solutions and good positive experiences.
  1. If your communication skills are not so strong (and I know that meeting new people can be intimidating), then work on them. It is necessary and helpful to practice clear communication and become more confident in yourself, your voice and your own personal accents. Your good communication will happen only with practice. Your words are your power and it is important to think how you would express yourself naturally.
  1. Blocking negative people who are promoting your negative emotions. By this, I mean that when you are building your self-esteem, it is not good to be with people who are putting you down or being generally negative. You need supporting and loving people in your life. It is important therefore to find positive and good friends for our lives. This process will take time and a lot of effort. Rome was not built in one day, so give time to yourself and be patient. If you fail the first time, do not fret about it, calm your mind and notice where and why the mistake happened, so you can learn from it and move on. Positive thinking will help you along and some humor as well. Do not take yourself so seriously. I have learned that what happened in my past is now more like funny memories and I enjoy laughing at them. If are you struggling down your own path, reach out to me via the Psychic Txt app today. I will be happy to take a look at things for you and assist you with your own personal development.