The Buddha suggested that for those who wish to seek freedom from suffering; one must ultimately be prepared to face the reality of letting go. If one is to attain such clarity, direction, development and to ultimately liberate themselves from the anguish of that which cycles on and on within our hearts and minds. If we allow the mind to spin and spin we achieve nothing but spinning and spinning; worry becomes anger, anger evolves to torment, and torment to anguish. Ending such a cycle that has dictated your life and tormented you requires inquiring within and facing that which is generating this said tension. To end such a cycle one must first allow themselves to face the truth- the ugliest of truth. Such facing of truth will help one immediately welcome the authentic release. Just because your situation is tormenting to face only means you actually plucking out the thorn of suffering. By facing; forgiving & truly separating your mind from the habitual state of returning back to the thought or memory of said cause of suffering. Spiritually all one is to do is simply reengage with commanding the awareness within you; to focus on what is right in front of it. Despite it being a recent moment we offer no appreciation for it. But it is the mind only that creates every second of this experience and the mind only that suffers- In order to drop the cause of your suffering; face it, say goodbye to it, and stop the re-engagement by reconnecting with the presence of the moment your in. This moment right here right now offers a unique power to disconnect your past; dissolve your current suffering and welcome you to a future of clarity and pure truth- happiness will enter where there is no light. Empty yourself of what was therefore allowing the pure happiest form of you to breakthrough. Visualize yourself throwing away that which no longer serves; sense clearly the fragrance of right here and Now. See that even what was is no longer; the presence of this moment allows for you to sincerely release your suffering and relax into your true nature. What if peace and hope can return to us here and now. 
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