The Law of Attraction in Love: The Effects of Negative and Positive Thinking

By: Psychic Shawn

How Do Thoughts Control Events ?

Firstly our thoughts create and in order to create we must first think, and if you think positive or negative, then that will be the outcome of events. Overall all the effects and changes you will see in your partner are often determined by your mind. Our thoughts are energy and the universe is the source of everything, and what we think, feel, and hope or fear for can have a huge impact on things. Our thoughts affect love more than anything else in our lives. The simple reason being is because love in  itself is the energy  of creation, and our thoughts mold and shape the relationships we are in. When two people love each other, they come together to build lives with each other and start families. They adventure upon journeys they never thought they could do.The main reason why most relationships fail is because of fear, doubts, and thought patterns being filled with trepidation and uneasiness. Anxiously waiting to hear bad news about your partner, feeling as if things won’t work out, thinking what you feel isn’t being felt the same by your partner are all examples of fear that will create a more difficult relationship path. When these thoughts are highly emphasized in your mind constantly, the negativity will consume you and almost always a break up will occur.


Two Steps to Positive Thinking

1. Meditation: What you think is what you are, the mind the consciousness, and the soul are the key gateways to the universe. What we feel and think ultimately happens in reality. The mind can be both destructive and a beacon of positivity. It is the pathway to success in love and meditation is the key. Being able to shut off your mind is a great tool not only for giving your mind a rest, but also with helping to block out negative thoughts. Allow in the positive to recharge your energy fully.

2. Silence the negative voices around you : Learning to stay away from negative people is very important. Hearing your friends and family and those closest to you tell you this or that won’t work out, especially in your relationships, is only going to create more negative thinking and will block successful energy for love. By learning to distance those who aren’t of a supportive nature, you will be able to have a clear and direct positive approach in your thoughts when it comes to your love life. Having too many negative opinions can ultimately be the start of failure for anyone

Do Not Fear Your Mind
Knowing your mind has the power to create both good and bad is a knowledge most can’t accept because when others realize this, they start to see that most issues were brought on by the way they approached situations in their own mind. Having self blame and regret isn’t easy, but if you do not accept what is wrong and what needs to be looked at in a new perspective, and then make peace with your struggles while searching for a new way forward, you will be in a constant cycle of hardships in love.  And, when your energy isn’t centered it can also affect you spiritually. Many fear negative thinking, but remember that nothing and no one can be 100 percent positive all the time. So, do not fear negative thoughts. Instead, the key is to have a balance between negative and positive. If your thoughts are 90 percent negative and 10 percent positive, then you can most likely expect you will be getting then negative. When you learn to balance the percentage between the two, you will see positive change. These thoughts also affect your mood and your happiness. Whatever you think becomes emotions and emotions become physical ( such as your body language and the energy you are giving to others), so you may not only be feeling terrible on the inside, but most likely those around you can pick up on your negative thinking as well. Never fear your thoughts and don’t view your thinking as a failure because you have the power to be successful in love and in all else! Don’t forget that.


Mantra for Love
Mantra to bring you and your partner more love, and positivity – speak these words after meditation, clear your mind and repeat:

Today I am accepting positivity into my life. I am a child of the universe and the universe wishes me good not bad,. I am meant to be happy not sad, I am meant to be loved not hated. I am as the sun; I shine and bring forth nurturing and growing into my life and into the life of the one I love. I am radiant, I am powerful,  I am strong, I am courageous, My love runs deep for my partner, I am his/hers and he/she is mine, nothing can affect us, nothing can break us, we are meant to last forever and stay committed.