Jupiter transit in Aquarius: Effect on various Zodiac signs

Jupiter is considered to be a planet of expansion and auspiciousness in Astrology. It will be entering Aquarius sign on 6th April 2021 and going to stay there for 5 months. A balanced sign which is both rebellious and stable too. This is a time period where a lot of wise and stable results will be seen and wisdom will be enhanced too. Let’s see how does it affects and impacts the different zodiac signs.

ARIES:  As Jupiter will be transiting your 11th house and Saturn is already in your 10th house there will be many gains you will see in this period. Specially liquidity will increase and all sort of help will be expected in this time period. Your hard work will be recognized and even you will be gaining from friends and family too. However, for those who are single, some new developments can take place. Spouse will also be supportive to you.

TAURUS:   Support from mother and comforts of all sorts will be prominent in this time period. However, you are advised not to take any bold decisions at your workplace. There can be a change in the profession too and in terms and you will gain wise name and support at your workplace. Luck is also favoring you so a lot of changes are being gone ahead. People will admire you and you will be having a popular name in your peer group also.

GEMINI:   This is an auspicious period for you. It will give you a peaceful work environment. Your relationship with colleagues and life partner will remain cordial. Your hard work will pay off, and you will rise in your career. You will also get support from your father and your seniors. Business trips undertaken during this transit period will give you the desired results. Small traveling can be there for you which will give you some desired result though.

CANCER:  This will be the best time for you to have a brainstorming. Your interest in the occult and deep research-oriented subjects will be enhanced. The family will be supportive and your bank balance will gradually increase. However, you need to be extra cautious during this period as any secret affair can be out in open. This is the best time for research scholars and those who want to go ahead with it. Some expenses on religious activity and charity can also take place. Plan your budget accordingly.

LEO:   Spouse will be very much supportive and partnership-related things will be giving you good results. Overall your gains will also be better through them. This is the time to enhance your skills which will be giving you some good results in an overall sense. The monetary flow will be good. There will be some short business trips also which will be giving you some stable result ahead in both personal and professional matters. Weight gains will be prominent so take care of your eating habits.

VIRGO: This period may bring some unwanted expenses, debts along with health issues. Your enemies may try to ruin your reputation. You may not be able to maintain a healthy relationship with your business partner or spouse. You may have some conflicts with colleagues or family members. This transit will cause stress and problems in your domestic life that is why the atmosphere at your home may not be very pleasant during this period.  Avoid any legal matter during this time period

LIBRA:  Liquid income will increase during this time period. Support from elder siblings can be seen and overall you will be able to get much recognition for your work ahead. Also, for those who are single, some new love affair can be brewing up. Religious traveling can be seen and overall you will also like to spend money on short traveling. This is a good time for investment. Younger siblings will be much support to you. Those preparing for higher education it is a good time overall.

SCORPIO: Luxury, comforts, and related things will be enhanced during this time period. You will be buying and investing in all sorts of luxury and comforts. Also, this is not an ideal time for any real estate investment for you, so you need to be a bit cautious on this front. Your mother may suffer from some health issues. You may have some disagreements with your lover, over certain matters. Try to keep things within budget. Investment in real estate may not yield good results.

SAGITTARIUS:  You will be highly inclined towards religious activities. Some heavy expenses can take place during this period. Avoid any arguments with siblings as it can lead to bitterness in your relations with them also. Overall this is going to be a mixed period for you. There is a possibility of having minor arguments with your partner; however, this will not affect your relationship with him in the long run at all. You are likely to maintain a cordial relationship with your father throughout this period. However, his health may be a matter of concern. There is a possibility of you going on a holy trip with your family.

CAPRICORN:   This will be a good time period for your finances. As your bank balance will increase and overall some gains through family can also be there for you. Some minor health issues related to the upper body part can affect you. It will be a lot better you go ahead with regular checkups with that situation related to health that will remain under check. A new addition to the family can take place. Investment in real estate will give you good results. You will get deeply interested in the occult, religion, and related fields.

AQUARIUS:  Luck, money, and luxury will increase during this time period. Overall your children will see good growth in studies and those preparing for higher education this will be the best time for you. Spouse will be supportive too and partnership-related work can give you good growth ahead. It is a favorable period for you in terms of finances as there are strong chances that you will see a rise in your income and savings during this period. You will spend a good lot of money on the fulfillment of your desires.

PISCES:  This transit may not produce beneficial results in your life. You will see a rise in your expenses. Efforts put in your career will not yield desired results as per expectation. There is a strong probability of you going abroad for some official work. You will be inclined more towards spirituality. Keep a check on your debts and expenditures. Minor health issues can be there which can give you some unpleasant moments. Investment-related to movable and immovable property will yield some good results for you during this period.

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