How to Practice Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? First ask yourself, who is asking the questions; your mind or you. There is a fine line between who we think we are, and who we know to be. Being; is the ultimate path to your soul. Being; is controlling your mind, your own noise. The mind is a messenger. We signal the brain, how we want to proceed. It is time to wake up from your dream. It is time to catch your breath. Can you feel it? You are exhausted. Let go and surrender. It is time to take control of your mind and no longer let it control you. Your mind is not who you are, it is only what you choose it to be. In this article, I will show you how to practice mindfulness and how to have full control of your Body, Mind and Soul. By the end, you will have realized that this whole time you have been running. Chasing an infinite path of time, in which has no end.

Humans are natural Time Travelers

You ever tell an exhilarating story to your friend or loved one to notice that the person is neither here nor there? You find yourself wanting to react to their lack of attention, but you hold yourself back knowing to well that you do the same often. In conversation, but not truly present. When we float away in our mind to think about the deadline we have for a project due next month, the winter tires we must change in September, the argument we had with our friend last night, and what are we going to eat in the next two hours. These lift-offs from reality can legitimately impact our mental health, social life, and overall well-being. A great mind once said; “Nostalgia is a painful denial of our presence”. When we deny what is right in front of us, we deny who we truly are inside. When we put down the phone, the computer, and the mind, we can truly tap into the gift that is life around us. In the present moment, we have the ability to be given guidance, clues and solutions to our daily problems, ideas or path and direction in our life. To be present, is to live. This is where we feel and cherish every emotion authentically and uniquely to each situation. This is where we learn to appreciate and be grateful for what we now have and have been given. Thus getting out of our own heads, our own make belief realities, stories, and scenarios that do not, and may never exist, is crucial to being mindful, present and aware. We have the power to time travel, but like any mind altering activity or substance, some things are better left in moderation, or complete rest.

Who are you? Are you living in a way that is True to who you are?

Everything in our reality is depicted and understood based on how our brain center views and processes the information. The hypothalamus, located in the base center of the brain, plays a crucial role in how humans perceive their reality. It is the storage center for our beliefs, conditions, emotions and perspectives in which have been absorbed since birth and obtained from our parents and ancestors through several generations. Most of us, live a reality of ideas, information, experiences and memories, in which have created a certain way that we see ourselves and the world. But how many of us actually challenge those belief patterns, conditions and perspectives? If we live by what we know, how can we truly know who we are. Like a Dog, we are trained since birth to follow family traditions, belief systems, conditions and rules from society, and perspectives of our peers and loved ones. We learn to feel sad when someone dies, and happy when one marries. It is like an On and Off switch that is switched on for proper circumstances based off of society norms. Being mindful, is acknowledging where your habits, actions, thoughts stem from, and asking your self if that is truly the person you feel to be, or want to be. Challenging your self, and questioning your own restrictions, fears, and boundaries. Being mindful, is self interrogation.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Therapy allows us to tap into to our most powerful and positive state of being. It helps us leave a state of fog and confusion, and help see our path and choices more clearly. When practicing mindfulness techniques you can experience an improvement of your nervous system. These benefits include:

Improved Sleep

Reduced Anxiety and Depression

Stabilizing your mood

Improved Decision Making

Reduced Stressed

Positive Lifestyle

Better Relationships

Being involved in nourishing environments

Being Authentic

Being a vessel for the truth

No longer hiding under your emotions and demons

Releasing Trauma, Fears, boundaries and pain

Leaving old used habits, and cycles behind

Gaining Courage and pushing past the fear

Choosing Love over Fear and Hate

Gained Confidence, Strength, Determination and Ambition.

Improved Energy

Mindfullness Therapy, Techniques and Activities

There are loads of mindfulness activities and techniques in which we can introduce to our daily routine and life patterns. One of my favorite techniques is practicing mindful eating. This one is a huge representation for me of what it means to be at the moment, present and aware. When eating you are focusing, or should be focusing, on all your 5 physical senses; Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing and Vision. When you are eating, you can really learn to appreciate your food. Paying attention to the taste of the food, how it feels, what texture does it contain? How does it smell? What can you see, is it colorful, bland? What about what you hear when you chew your food? It’s all about, recognizing the beauty in front of you, and food is a great representation of that. Not only that, when you practice mindful eating, you also practice being in the moment with the people that you may eat with. Listening, discussing, paying attention to their cues, and movements. It is a perfect opportunity to get to know your self, your environment and the surrounding people. Hence, many dates, and human gatherings, revolve around food. When developing your 5 senses, you have the ability to work towards two other senses; Vestibular and Proprioception. Which is just another fancy way of saying; Balance and Body Awareness. These two senses help us identify the things we cannot see, but we can feel. We can develop these senses by practicing many other mindfulness techniques such as; Yoga, Physical Activity, Stillness or Movement Meditation, Creative Arts (Music, Painting, Writing), or simply sleeping. All these techniques, allow us to either connect our attention to our body, our mind, and our soul, or disconnect from the internal/ external noise, the loudness, the chatter, the distractions that keep us on our toes. We can learn where we feel we may put extra energy in our daily life, and where we still need to find balance. This could either be helpful when trying to recognize why you may feel sick, or Tired, or Drained. Simply, needing to balance a part of your life. Also, It helps us recognize what is around us, what we project in and out of our reality, and recognize the beauty of what Nature and Man has provided for us. These meditation techniques and practices are a form of mindfulness therapy in which is used by many and allow us to speak our truth, be authentic and find our voice and inner light.



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