How to get over a breakup ?

Nobody is perfect. No relationship is perfect. A break – or a breakup – is often one of the most devastating life experiences : it becomes difficult to sleep, work, be focused, eat ‘normally’. This is even more true when some cheating is involved or when you never got proper closure.

Breakups often lead to an emotional response of “breaking down”, in your nervous system.

This is normal body/mind/soul reaction : it is the first step of your healing journey. Multiple draining questions pop into your mind : are we going to end up together ? Is this really a breakup or just an argument we had ? Is it really over ? When is he going to reach out ? Is he seeing another person ? Did he cheat on me ? Did he truly love me ? Was he using me ? Will I ever find love ? Trying to stalk social media or his ‘online status’ becomes a way to control reality without really controlling it. Blocking/unblocking his number can also be something that crosses your mind

However, breakups are also a chance to break in order to “go up” in your life, a chance to change the way you relate to others and the way you define your own happiness, within a relationship :

  • Focusing on yourself, on your career, on your growth, on your own healing, on your dreams and aspirations, on your potential, on your ability to avoid being a pleaser and learn to be more assertive and respected.
  • Finding a way to express creatively these negative emotions you are processing : a poem ? A song ? a painting ? Art can be a way to get negativity and anxiety out of your system.
  • Learning to forgive even if you can’t forget.
  • Take some distance and assess what are the patterns that keep making things complicated in your love life, what is the life lesson that you still didn’t learn ? Is it only a timing issue, a ‘person issue’, or a deeper repetitive pattern that you are still struggling with – from being a pleaser and an overly nice person to being too focused on your career and not making enough time for others. Are you good at communications ? Is he really the only problem ? Did you contribute to create some mistrust ?.

The more you focus on trying to go ‘up’ in your life, thanks to this break, the more you will heal and get in alignment with the abundance of love that is always within reach. A breakup doesn’t mean that things have ended forever. I see many times people reconnecting after a few weeks, months, years. When there is a soulmate connection at stake combined with a ‘soul contract’, nobody can take a person away from you. There can often be hope, but usually, when you would get back together, you will have a ‘fresh energy’ : the person will be a ‘newer/better’ version, so that it works, this time. And same for you : you would have both grown from that time apart.

Here are Archangel Michael’s top 3 favourite tools to help you get over a breakup :


  1. “The best is yet to come” attitude
A good positive affirmation to practice, while you are sorting things out, as you try to ‘go up’ and ‘break up’ rather than ‘break down’ is : “the best is yet to come”. This mantra will help you focus on the energy of transforming yourself into a better version and not settling for less than your standards are : it helps you get grounded as you transform and become a better version of yourself – and while he does this, as well. Whether the ‘best’ that life can offer you is your ex or is going to be a completely new person, your healing will take place in the best psychological conditions, as you are trying to sort things out, one step at a time, one day at a time.
  1. Getting grounded
Being mindful  will help you be in the present moment and avoid doing too much thinking, judging about the past or being fearful of the future. Practicing activities that enhances your ability to be grounded would be wonderful : a walk outside in nature, eating healthy food, cooking, yoga, meditation, martial arts, painting, running, dancing, ideally on a daily basis. Doing less thinking and more physical activities, is a good attitude to process things, at a subconscious and soul level.
  1. Forgiveness


Forgiveness is one of the most difficult thing to achieve : it happens deep down, when you are ready. You can’t control the timing of when you would truly forgive the other person, but you can control your attitude towards forgiveness. Forgiveness can really take place when you begin by accepting that there are things that happen, sometimes, for reasons that goes beyond our control. Even if you did zero mistake, you gave everything you had, it was still not enough to make it work, at this stage of your life – and worse, you felt hurt by this person.

A powerful positive affirmation to help you open up to the energy of forgiveness and this positive mindset is ” I accept that I can’t control the course of events. I let go of my anger.”

Within a few weeks, you will realize that the energy around you has shifted, whether is back or not yet.

If you are going through some difficult times and are seeking clarity about a specific person, his role in your life, and if there is still some hope that things will get better, I will be happy to connect with Archangel Michael and share his guidance about your love life.

Take excellent care,

Stay safe,



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