How to better connect to our true self.















Today we will be talking about how to better connect to our true self. So many times we have issues or struggles in our life that come from indecisive actions. Were confused lost. We feel unloved, lonely, unsuccessful, But you may not know this but sometimes it is not because of outside but inside our self’s. So many times people don’t really understand what even makes them truly happy and what they truly want in there own life.

You and a partner not working out? Now, this is not for every case but. We have to understand what it is we ourselves want in a relationship and then we have to understand if these are the same goals as our partners.
Now how do you better understand yourself? Well, a lot of it just how you would learn about others spending time with yourself. Now mediation is a really good starting point.
Here are 3 really good starting points to find that inner voice inside through mediation.
1)  Start at your root chakras located at the base of your spine.
Think about the earthy things that make you feel happy. Is it books? Working out?
Some really good pasta?
Understand what activists bring you happiness.
Do tho for 10 minutes. Then focus on the earthly things that bring you happiness.
Traffic?  Weather?. Whatever it is you feel to bring your mood down.
2 ) Solar plexus chakra. now let’s focus on the people in your life or how they make you feel.
What action they do to make you happy and what actions they do to make you feel less than. Take 10 minutes for these as well.
3 ) Heart chakra. we have looked at what earthly things make us happy and unhappy what people do to affect us.
Now let’s see how the heart truly feels when it has some time to tell you what it wants not from a good cup of coffee or a lover but yourself.
Allow your heart chakra to speak to you.
10 minutes with your own heart.

This time with yourself can really help balance and understand so much of what’s inside and how you can better handle some situations in your life.

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