How the Chinese New Year can set you up for success!

If 2021 didn’t start off the way you wanted: no worries, there is always another date to start anew: the Chinese New Year! It takes place a few weeks later – February 11th, this year – and is an almost month-long celebration  – officially ending this week. You can still be on track with your goals, this year.

In Chinese Astrology, new years represent a significant change in energy, with the main zodiac sign ruling and its associated natural element. This year, we are celebrating the ”Metal Ox”.

The energy of the zodiac sign acts as a catalyst for positive change in your life and a way to release old patterns that are keeping you stuck in some areas in your life.

Whether you try to improve your finances, are looking for your soulmate, healing your marriage, still figuring out your life purpose, or willing to launch your business: this year is the perfect year to get the work done! Indeed, Ox energy is about hard work and perseverance.

It is not a year where we can expect “miracles” to take place to get you out of a challenging situation, but much more of a rational step-by-step hardworking approach to make some concrete progress that will be transformative and lasting.

It is a perfect year to focus on your strength, and amplify them, in order to make things work, from a place of authenticity. The ox is not an energy that will try to make you secure through “lottery” : it is a year to put in place the foundation of a happy and lasting joy and progress in your life. It is within reach to anyone who sincerely wants to make progress.

Another very interesting aspect of Ox energy is its connection to nature and agriculture, in general. This is an invitation to be mindful of your own body needs, get enough fresh air, establishing a healthy routine – ranging from diet to good sleeping hours to exercises or meditation. Also, trying to get a flowering plant, or adding more green areas in your home, would be wonderful to increase your sense of well-being. Taking care of yourself, taking enough me-time to soothe your soul and restore your energy will have a positive impact on your level of success – and its durability. Feeling amazing will also help you tune in deeper with your own intuition and find creative ideas and solutions to make progress, in a lasting way.

When it comes to the “metal” aspect of this year, it is about developing a deeper sense of sharpness, sincerity, integrity, justice, endurance, willingness.

This Metal Ox year is therefore an invitation to be sincere with yourself about your life and work goals : if you were to rate from 1 to 10 how happy you are :

  • In your love life
  • With your family
  • In your finances
  • In your career
  • with your ability to have a positive impact on society
  • In your ability to be a parent
  • In your living environment
  • With your body appearance and health
  • With your mental health / stress-coping?

(1 being: unsatisfied and 10 being super satisfied)

Would you overall feel that you are where you want to be in your life?

If you procrastinated on your goals or life ‘happened’ and things didn’t work out, know that the Metal Ox year is a perfect year to address these challenges, get unstuck and make some clear progress.

If you wish to connect with Archangel Michael today and receive some guidance about the areas where you feel stuck, feel free to reach out: I will be delighted to help you achieve your goals/

Stay safe,

Take care


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