Free Will Vs. Fate

I often receive questions that request specific timing of when an event will occur and while this is possible to pick up on and see how a chain of events are going to play out and when this is going to occur, but what happens when the timing isn’t following the same course as a reading has shown it will? I will explain how the power of free will versus fate and how the two energies can impact the other to alter our outcomes or to  prepare us for the inevitable.

      The belief in fate, or destiny has been universally recognized worldwide as a spiritual concept and is the basic tenet of religion and spirituality worldwide, and is a collective term that puts future events in the hands of Gods, the universe, or any other entity that predetermines the sequence of events in everyone’s lives. Fate cannot be avoided, altered, or prevented. Fate just is and the Wheel of Fortune card in the tarot is a very good representation of fate and unstoppable forces set in motion. This is the cosmic wave that you have to ride to the end because there is no stopping a moving train.

     Alternately,the belief in free will is a stark contrast to the idea of fate in that it empowers individuals to control their fate, or alter the course of events through personal choice. A good example that I encounter frequently on the platform is “when will he or she reach out to me?” or When will I meet my soulmate?” While it is possible to get a timeline in the majority of cases, sometimes it is the timeline itself that affects the outcome. This can go either way for which I will give an example: If a client asks when they will meet the right person for them, and I sense that this meeting will take place in the next month, and the client expects fate to take the lead and introduce this person into their life, without taking the steps to fulfill their destiny (like sitting at home, waiting for this person to enter their lives instead of going out and being social or actively setting the stage to meet someone new) then their choice can have a direct effect on their outcome.

     This is a philosophical argument that could go in circles forever, but it is important to understand that timing is a very fluid concept that is constantly in flux and the outcomes of my readings are interpreting the direction your situation is heading if things continue going the current direction your situation is taking. This can give you power to prevent certain avoidable occurences from taking place, and therefore, sometimes your response to an outcome can create a ripple effect that changes the course your situation will take.

     Have I confused you yet? I certainly hope not because now I am going to explain how Fate vs. Free-Will can be  interpreted in the tarot and how I determine the outcome of a situation for my clients. Or at least a basic guide to determining whether a situation is fated, or completely out of your control, and therefore, something to brace yourself for and mentally prepare for, or sonething that is within your power to change or change the course of events through your choices or conscious decisions. The major arcana in the tarot is representative of fate, or cosmic forces that cannot be avoided or altered, and a reading with a predominance of major arcana cards ina reading will show that fate is directly in control of the events or situation as they are unfolding and forces beyond your control are at play. A reading with predominantly minor arcana cards is more day to day, mundane events that can be altered or affected by your choices or approach to this outcome. An even distribution of major and minor arcana cards in a reading indicate that while there are factors that are out of your control in this matter, your actions can help soften the blow (in the case of negative or chaotic outcomes) and sometimes even the knowledge of what is ahead can promote taking precautions in order to feel a semblance of control in an uncontrollable situation. Timelines are possible to get approximations on in the majority of readings, but whether the desired outcome is achieved may be up to you. I definitely find that this is a great way to promote the most positive developments, prevent avoidable scenarios from escalating or creating a domino effect kind of chain of events, or, in the case of a reading influenced by fate, a chance to prepare for the inevitable and have a sense of preparation for major dynamics ahead.

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