Effects Of Mercury Retrograde

Have you been feeling a bit down maybe tired? Maybe just a bit confused emotionally but your not sure why. Well, this past Feb 17th mercury has been in retrograde and won’t transition back until March 10th. Now I know some of you may know retrograde affects business transactions and finances, but it can also affect your Muladhara Chakra or better know as the root chakra. the effect this has is on many different aspects of your life as well as your confidence. Your strength and also your grounded sense. so you may feel set back or just a bit different, but do not worry retrograde is a natural universal occurrence and just as fast as it shifts in it will shift back by March 10th, so during this time, I would suggest mediation and your root chakras and your inner confidence this next couple of weeks. Allow your strength to stay steady during this retrograde period. Doing so won’t stop retrograde no but it can ease some of the effects you may be feeling during these weeks. Some tips on root chakra mediation find a nice quiet place straighten your back close your eyes and breath in for at least 2 mins just focus on your breath. In and out picture red in and around you as the root chakra is also red. your root chakra is located at the base of your spine so also focus your energy here. Now think about the positive things you like about yourself things you admire about you. do this for at least 5 mins minimum. but ideally, you should try for at least 20 minutes. I hope this may help you along your time through this retrograde period.

light and love …. Sonny.

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