DIY Holiday Reading

We all know that the holidays can be filled with stress. Whether it’s drama from friends or family, being busy trying to keep up with everything, or not having enough to go around. Here is your survival guide, or what you need to know for the holidays. Pick the picture you feel most drawn to, then go to the corresponding number to see how things are going to go, so you can at least go in prepared. Have a great holiday season!  ~Dan


1. Your holidays look like they’ll go very well! Not only some great celebration, but there will be good news and recognition for you. I’m not seeing any drama here, but everyone getting along well, and enjoying each other. I hope this helps, and enjoy your holidays!
2. The holidays look like a great time for you! I’m seeing you connecting with friends and/or family that you haven’t seen or spoken with in quite awhile. It looks like this will be a very uplifting time, and help you more than you’ll realize at first. I’m really seeing this help you form a stronger foundation, not only with them, but for yourself! I hope this helps, and enjoy your holidays!
3. It looks like your holidays will be filled with a spirit of renewal and hope. I’m feeling a turning point for you, for the better. I’m also seeing your path becoming clearer over the holidays. It’s time to make decisions that will help turn things around for you, and the energy surrounding you the next couple months is perfect to assist you with these changes. I hope this helps, and enjoy your holidays!
4. It looks like your motivation has been lacking. I feel that there have been issues with past holidays that have effected you on a deep level. Just know that the only way to overcome this, is to push through it. I do feel that things can go good for you, but you’ve really got to take the time now to psych yourself up for it. Otherwise, you’ll find it tough to face everything and everyone these holidays. I hope this helps, and enjoy your holidays!
5. It looks like this holiday season, it would pay for you to conserve your resources. Both material and emotional. Try to stay out of the way of gossip and drama, and for the most part keep to yourself, or just one person at a time at gatherings. This will help you recognize these issues before they can really start. Otherwise, these holidays may leave you feeling drained, overburdened, and needing time away from everyone. I hope this helps, and enjoy your holidays!
6. This holiday season, there is a huge need to slow down for you. Make sure you’re seeing everything that is happening. Otherwise, you’ll wind up being blindsided out of nowhere. Be patient, and try to see things from all perspectives involved. Otherwise it looks like there may be a lot of drama and issues that arise. I really hope this helps, and enjoy your holidays!
7. It looks like things are going to seem to pass you by very quickly this year. Remember, that not everything is always what it seems, and there may be things going on behind the scenes that you are unaware of. Take the time to investigate, rather than jumping to conclusions. It’s always important to see things clearly and make a judgement call from there. This way, you avoid the struggles that go with accusations that have no basis in reality. I hope this helps, and enjoy your holidays!
 8. I am seeing some struggles here with the holidays for you. It looks like what will make it easier for you, is letting go of the past. Try to move beyond the past, and extend a hand to those you’ve had issues with. It really looks like a great time for forward momentum, and working toward repairing burnt bridges. This will make things much easier for you. I hope this helps, and enjoy your holidays!
9. It looks like it’s been rough lately. The holidays are offering the energy of love and new beginnings for you. The good news is that the rough times are coming to an end here. Things will start looking up. It looks like a great time to forgive and move forward. This will free you from the grasp of what has been holding you back. Forgive yourself and others for the mistakes that have been made. Rise up, and take your power back, and the holidays will be great. I hope this helps, and enjoy your holidays!
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