Did you know you have a Tarot card according to your birthdate?

Most people are unaware that we all have a Tarot card corresponding to our birthdate(and another one for each of our years), and that it tells us much about our paths in life.

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards with over six centuries of history. It shows us a path for our personal enlightenment that can be applied to our everyday life in a deep but easy way.

Discovering your birth Tarot card (and your card of the year) can help you understand your own personal cycles and better prepare for and navigate your challenges in a gentler way.

How to calculate your Birth Tarot Card

You need to add all of the algarisms of your birthdate. For example:

If you were born on the 7th of February, 1980…

02 + 07 + 1980 = 2 + 7+ 1 + 9 + 8 = 27

If the sum adds up from 1 to 22, you keep the number. If it is a bigger number, you should add the algarisms again…

27 = 2 + 7 = 9 = The Hermit

How to calculate your Tarot Card of the Year

Take your birth day and month, and the year you want to calculate, for example: 7th of February, 2021.

02 + 07 + 2021 = 2 + 7 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 14 = Temperance

(If the sum adds up from 1 to 22, you keep the number. If it is a bigger number, you should add the algarisms again as in the Birth Card).

Now that you have calculated your Birth Card and your Card of the Year, how can you use them? You can read below a short description of the wisdom of each card and you can also look them up online, download images to look and reflect upon, meditate on them and research what else they have to teach you about yourself, your path in life and how to better deal with your own challenges. You can also calculate all of the Cards of the Year for every year since you were born and by observing how the card relates to the things you’ve experienced in those years, to better understand those cards and your own cycles and opportunities.

1 – The Magician – Initiative and Will, the power to make things happen, even out of nothing.

2 – The High Priestess – Intuition and Introspection, the need to look within to find all the power and answers you need.

3 – The Empress – The Power and Abundance of Nature, the urge to live in the present with all its riches and potential.

4 – The Emperor – Stability and Control, the desire to see everything according to your own designs and will.

5 – The Hierophant – Connection with the Established, the need to conform in order to grow and prosper within the stablishment.

6 – The Lovers – Passion and Choices, a tendency to be constantly changing and making choices between what your heart needs and what your road needs from you.

7 – The Chariot – Drive and Progress, a yearning for more that never ceases to propel you forward and never lets you settle.

8 – Strength – Self-control and Instinct, you need to find it within yourself the power to master your own impulses, not fighting against them but in league with them.

9 – The Hermit – Solitude and Wisdom, your own silence will light the path in front of you if you only allow yourself to listen to it.

10 – The Wheel of Fortune – Cycles and Change, you can learn from your own changes and rhythms and by this get not only the answers but the paths to your desires.

11 – Justice – Balance and Reckoning, Life is always seeking to correct its own unbalances and to make things right in its own chaotic way. How can you make use of it and dance to this music?

12 – The Hanged Man – Contemplation and Change of View, getting perspective and a different point of view is often exactly what we need to better understand the best path forward.

13 – Death – Transformation and Change – Whenever we think we’ve understand the rules, the very game changes. It is our ability to adapt and transform ourselves that keeps us alive, as we let that which no longer serves us, die.

14 – Temperance – Finding the Middle Ground Within, as we are constantly pushed between opposite views, choices, paths, we need to find ways to choose or create a middle ground or a third path that combines our most pressing needs.

15 – The Devil – Dominance and Desires, our need to enjoy life and its pleasures should not be our master but a friend. Allow yourself to revel in life’s riches but never let them control you.

16 – The Tower – Disruption and Renewal, from time to time we need to have everything turned upside down so we can discover that this is actually the right way up for us.

17 – The Star – Hope and Blessings, after the storm breaks down, we have an air of freshness and opportunity that permeates everything and makes us see and believe that we can do anything and be whatever we want. And it is true.

18 – The Moon – Unconscious and Instinct, we love to believe we are in full control of our actions, but a lot of what we do is motivated by processes we are unaware of. Knowing that, allow yourself to be aware of the processes happening below the surface.

19 – The Sun – Truth and Conscience, as we come to understand ourselves and life better, it is as if a light is brushing away all of the shadows from our mind and paths. Use these moments to power your own growth.

20 – Judgment – Awakening and Self-discovery, you will called upon your own path and if you don’t heed the call you will lose the window of opportunity for your own evolution. Dare to lead yourself.

21 – The World – Enlightenment and Release, as you complete the learning at any stage, the energy contained in it will be released so you can use to shape your life into any form you wish. Use it wisely, enjoying the knowledge you acquired in previous experiences.

0 and 22 – The Fool – Adventure and Beginnnings, if you are afraid to take the leap because you might fall, just consider what if you fly? This energy allows you room to go into any path, and to let go of what no longer serves you.

Does this make sense to you? How do you feel it will help? Do let me know in the comments.

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