CoronaVirus – Global Pandemic


Hello friends, expressing my thoughts on this global pandemic. We all know prevention is better than cure and this virus has actually made us realize this. As there is no cure we are trying to prevent ourselves from it. Hygiene plays a vital role here. Basic hygiene practices that we stopped following are back like washing hands and legs when we enter our home, changing our clothes after we are back, drinking warm water to cleanse our internal system, taking vitamin C tablets to increase immunity, everything is back. In the past years, we took everything for granted and were so busy in the outside world that we forgot ourselves, our families, our home. Always busy making money for the future. But today, more than the money, it’s self-care that is helping us. If we as individuals realize our value and listen, follow instructions, we can stop this Virus. I read a quote somewhere which said: “The virus doesn’t move, people move it, we stop moving, the virus stops and it dies”. It’s that simple. It’s a change and we are uncomfortable, we also have a lot of fear in us (what if we get affected? What if it happens to us?) but realize change is the only constant, being rigid doesn’t help at all.


I pulled out a few cards to check the past /present /future of this Virus and got the 10 of swords as the past card which shows the worst is behind us. This quarantine period is actually helping and then I got the queen of pentacles in the present position which shows we are sitting in the comfort of our home with social distancing and taking care of self and family. Then I got the knight of wands for the future which shows that we will get back to our normal routine soon. I also got the Tower card as advice which shows a major change and this pandemic is a major change in our lives at the moment. I pulled out a few more cards to check how the economy will be in the future and got the 8 of wands which shows it will grow rapidly, there might be a slight struggle shown by the 2 of pentacles but if we watch our finances and work with balance everything will be back to normal is what the sun card suggests. I pulled out a few cards for guidance and got the devil card which says fight your inner demons and stay positive during testing times, 9 of swords asking you not to overthink anything and burden yourself with information from the media. You just have to take the information, there is no need to process anything. The hermit says look inward and think about  how we can survive with bare minimum and be happy, living a hygienic life is not difficult, we are one no matter what religion or community we belong to, we have the same flesh and blood, home food is any day better than outside food, Family is important no matter the differences in the time of need we stand together, family is anyone who gives us a helping hand in the time of need, helping others is also helping yourself, Doctors are angels and we need to have faith in ourselves and them. I also got the 8 of swords which talks about claustrophobia, feeling trapped in our own homes. We are sitting in the comfort of our home and not in a jail that we feel claustrophobic. Think positive and be patient. The last card I got is 10 of cups which shows our wish of getting back to our normal lives is not very far. Let’s stay home and stay safe.


This pandemic is helping us grow as individuals so we become more empathetic, extend a helping hand to the needy, be more creative in coming up with ways of how to keep ourselves and our kids busy at home, living in the present and looking towards the future, being thankful and appreciating people, staying happy and positive and spreading happiness and positivity even in tough times, looking for a way to adapt to new changes and practicing patience. If it’s a battle between fear and faith, listen to your intuition and faith will always win. We all know everything that I just mentioned, it’s not rocket science, it’s just back to basics 🙂 How many of us followed it in the past and how many of us want to follow it from now on is a question we all should ponder upon. Divine blessings and loads of love and light.

Love Angel (Gayatri)


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