Coping With Trust Issues

By: Psychic Rhonda

It is very difficult getting past a betrayal and broken trust in a relationship and sometimes some people are not able to. You love your partner dearly, but you can’t seem to get past that infidelity that happened before. You question every move and everything suddenly becomes suspicious. Working late, if they went where they said they went, text messages, etc. What was once pure lovers bliss has become a very miserable life. You argue more but you don’t want to; however, your intuition is telling you that they are back to their old tricks again and you are being played for a fool. And they’re so clever because you can’t find any proof!

This isn’t the way a relationship should be. You hurt, you cry and you can’t seem to rid your mind of negative thoughts. You love your partner but the trust is gone. Your attitude makes them not want to be as intimate as before or even be in your company much which creates even more tension. Something has got to give. First, as I always say, taking your partner back after cheating is also saying you forgive them. Many people get back together without healing and forgiving and the infidelity is hung over their partner’s head every day. This is not healthy for anyone. Don’t be so quick to forgive just to keep your partner close or to keep tabs so they won’t do it again..this doesn’t work. If you love your partner and simply need time to reconsider the relationship then by all means do so. Living in constant worry or fear is very toxic and you are depriving yourself of happiness.

Communicate with your partner, if you’re angry say you’re angry, if you’re hurt then say you’re hurt. Explain how you really feel and what will make you feel better. Being hostile and bitter isn’t expressing yourself. Betrayal is very hurtful and it’s miserable to love someone deeply but not be able to trust them. It can also create or increase insecurities within yourself. You won’t be happy in this situation and it won’t get any better.

Has your partner changed their cheating ways? Not everyone is apologetic for cheating only because they got caught. If you do find your partner is up to their old ways or you have proof that they are still seeing the person but denying it then you are somewhat accepting the cheating. No remorse or being defensive and making claims that you are crazy are mechanisms designed to belittle you and stop you from seeking the truth. This also says to your partner that no matter what, you will stay with them. You will get angry or be upset, but you’re not going anywhere. The only person that’s hurting is you and it’s not fair.

You are letting the past control you. You are in a constant negative state of mind but yet are expecting positive results. I have yet to see this happen. Many people feel trapped in their relationship, they’re not happy in it but don’t want to move on either. Evaluate your situation in an honest manner and take action that serves your own best interests and emotional well-being. You deserve it and many times there are better and healthier options out there for you.

If you are experiencing a lot of trust issues and need to find out the truth about your partner or need to know the next best step to take, reach out directly to Psychic Rhonda today. She will be happy to look into your relationship and uncover the details the need.