Closure 101

psychicrhondaBy: Psychic Rhonda

The number one question when a break up occurs is: “WHEN WILL THEY BE BACK”? I advise my clients to take time to reflect on themselves as well as the situation but patience during this time is definitely not anyone’s strong suit(LOL). I can laugh because its not mine either. Also, it is time to asses whether or not you have been blinded by love..its time to get realistic. Has this person made it clear to you in the beginning that they do not desire commitment?, Were they involved with someone else?, Have you felt that you were settling or deserved more and just didn’t want to be alone?

Although many offer this advice with love and light, without closure a break up becomes even more difficult outside of the break up itself. There are even times when a person never receives closure. In my experience(in readings and personal life) no closure is an indication that one person left the relationship emotionally long before they left physically and this is why the wounded party feels as if they just “left”. Sometimes there are subtle signs and sometimes there aren’t any signs at all just an abrupt distance.

Here I’ve listed a few things that will help:

  • Getting a general reading even when things are on the up and up. I know some may feel they will jinx their relationship by doing so but that would be unconsciously projecting negative energy into existence and therefore you would be yielding a negative outcome. This allows you to be aware of any potential problems that may occur in the future and how to avoid them.
  • Stay true to yourself, never lose yourself in another person to the point of them leaving you feel as though you are incapable of moving on or your life is meaningless without them. Remember happiness is an inside job, a person can add to your value but no one can complete you.
  • If you are beginning to see a certain pattern then it may be time to look at self. Most people attract “bad relationships” because they never healed from previous ones. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE!. They are looking to feel a void or for someone to repair a part of them that was damaged or hurt by someone else.  If you have low self esteem or no self worth you will only attract others who will feel the same about you as well.
  • LOVE YOURSELF!..this should actually be number one on the list because its the most important and can change your whole perception. Treat yourself, speak positive about yourself,believe you are worthy of love and have faith!

As an empath I really feel the hurt from the client as though it was my own and so my initial objective to bring clarity to them and help them understand how that person is feeling and had been feeling leading up to that point. Getting to the root of issue is what I thrive to do because I know the feeling of despair and its not pretty. As an advisor it is so rewarding to help clients overcome their grief and hear that they have reunited with their true love.


If you are struggling to find closure or simply want to find out more about your personal relationship, reach out direct to Rhonda today.