You Can Change Your Life For The Better

By: Psychic Janette

Many people are struggling with themselves and their own lives without seeing a way out no matter how hard they try. Some of these people have no idea of their real needs, inner power or what they want. They are disconnected within themselves.

So, ask from yourself: What do I need to become happy and satisfied in my own life?

YOU are more powerful than you think

I want to first make a big point that it is very important to review your beliefs and your thoughts about yourself including how you feel about yourself, your financials, love, etc,

If you find yourself thinking, “I am not good enough” or “I am not beautiful” or even “I know I would never make it there,” etc…Stop right there!

No matter what you have gone through in your past, a happy future can be yours… but you need to change your thinking first to something much more positive. You are more worthy than you think and you will succeed if you work on your self esteem and have trust in YOU.

We all have doubts and fears of many things, but fears are just emotions, doubts are nothing more than putting yourself down, so it would be better if you treat yourself as your own best friend- someone who is there always for you and encouraging you to do great things. In other words, do not listen to that voice that says: I am not able to, I can´t..

Being grateful for things you already have, even those tiny things you don´t always notice… is a great start for attracting more good things.

It is not always easy to stay positive as we get stressed out and worried…but as soon as you notice this, it would be good to center yourself and focus back on happy things… If you have something that helps you to lift your energy up, whether it is music, arts, positive happy movies, or even friends…  these will all help you on your path to a more positive mindset. Once you start to feel more positive, you can begin manifesting what you want in your life to make it even better.

Manifest by using your own power!

First, you need to know specifically what you want and what you don’t want.

This is because we need to be very specific with our manifesting. For example, when you go to a restaurant to eat and you want eggs… the waiter is coming, but you are not focusing on it and say “eggs please” but you think boiled eggs…You may end up getting scrambled eggs and you won’t be satisfied with the outcome! Being specific makes a big difference.

Whether you are manifesting for getting money, finding the right person, getting a job, etc., you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Human relationships are bit different as other people´s free will plays an important factor. Sometimes they do not work, or they may work for while and then simply stop due to the other individual exercising their own free will.  But, to find a relationship that would lead to marriage, it is important to focus on your future partner´s characteristics more than their look.

Here are some tips to start manifesting right away

    1. Choose one thing that you desire right now…(helps you to stay focused )
    2. Say aloud and very clearly what you desire or write it down on the paper (I desire to get money so that I can pay my bills, example.
    3. Now close your eyes…visualize that you have got the money already you need? Can you see it happening? Are you grateful of that you got the money?
    4. Enjoy of moment and give gratitude.
    5. Trust in the process.

You need to feel it, see it , and experience it as it happens right this moment. If you have problems processing like this, you are most likely over thinking…not trusting yourself or the process. If you don´t see it or can´t visualize things at first…try again until you do. Remember, that this is your dream, and you are worthy of having it.

If you want, you can use visual board where you collect pictures, words etc. to help you focusing on your goal. It does not matter if you mix other your desires in there…But add there ONLY positive things. It does not matter either how big or small your dreams, desires are.  Do not forget to work other ways to fulfill your dreams, make researches, study things and stay always optimistic on your goals.