Is Your BFF a “Debbie Downer”?

By: Psychic Rhonda

At some point or another you may have experienced this type of individual who always seems to be in a negative state of mind 90% of the time. You love this person but every time you speak its never anything positive. If you seek advice then they tend to focus more on the problem instead of a solution.  I wanted to touch base on how these type of individuals can affect your energy and your life. Sometimes this type of person may not be good for you and you often turn to them for advice then you may set yourself up for failure as they will only view things in a negative light or worse offer you poor advice so that you can be as unhappy as they are. I have listed a few signs of this “debbie downer” personality and if any of the following sounds familiar you may need to begin the distance process or having a heart to heart with this person


  • Always speaking or viewing things from a negative aspect
  • Leaves you feeling hopeless or unmotivated after each conversation
  • You feel hesitant to discuss your goals or plans for fear they will mock you or give negative feedback
  • They appear unhappy the majority of the time
  • Always speaking negative of others
  • Puts down your partner or current
  • Never supportive
  • There is something wrong with everything that you do you date
  • They appear satisfied at the suffering of others
  • Very Pessimistic

This person could be a friend or family member or sometimes a person of authority  – and often it’s someone who we love dearly and we value their opinion so it can be hard to accept them for what they truly are. Also a part of you wants them to be happy so people tend to hang on to this toxic person in order to  get him or her to see things the way you do. At times advice can be hard to hear but if you feel this person is negative in every way or you feel your relationship wasn’t as bad as they make it to be then you may want to rethink this person as a whole. Analyze what’s going on in their life.

If things are not so peachy in their own life then perhaps this is why their advice is always negative. If they are unhappy with their career you may expect them to talk you out of that new position you applied for. If you’re in a great relationship and all they do is point out negative qualities or question your partner or even bash them (and they are in a worse relationship than you or even single), then you may need to question their motives. I have relied on the advice from this type of person and trusted their guidance only to find out the harsh truth was they didn’t WANT me to have a successful relationship or career. They didn’t believe in themselves so they purposely misled me so that I could become a resident on misery island…population TWO!

If you notice your whole vibration changes around this person or you dread interacting with them in any kind of way, then trust that is for good reason. We all have our days where we may feel down or saddened but no one’s entire existence should be this behavior. You could try to explain how their behavior is affecting you but there is a chance they will turn everything around on you and even say that you are the one with the problem. This is an issue within them that needs to be fixed. Don’t allow your feelings to be constantly hurt by trying to make them happy because they never will be. Be mindful that everyone may not have your best interest at heart and most importantly if a person doesn’t love themselves how can love you. If they are not positive about themselves then how can they be positive towards others. As always, Love and Light! xoxo


If you are struggling with connections in your life that always bring you down and are unsure of what to do, reach out directly to Psychic Rhonda today. She will be happy to look deep in your situation and provide you with insight to ensure the most amicable outcome.