Attracting Love Into Your Life

One of the most common questions that I am asked is, “How do I attract love into my life?” Attracting love does not have to be difficult. There are steps that you can take to make it easier to attract love. There is no need to obsess over it but there is also a need for action. If you are not actively seeking more love in your life, you may not find it. The universe needs to know that you are ready for it and that you are willing to put some work into it. 

One of the first steps to attracting love, is to put your past where it belongs and that is behind you. Take the time to look back at your past relationships. Is there anything that is keeping you stuck in the past? Forgive what needs to be forgiven, whether you need to forgive yourself or others. There may be some healing left that needs to be done before you are ready to let love in. Let go of the past, heal from it, and be ready to move on with your life. 

This next step may sound like a cliché but it’s true. You need to love yourself before you can truly love anyone else. If you don’t love yourself, how will you ever believe that someone else loves you. You need to know that you deserve love and respect. Treat yourself the way that you want to be treated by a partner. Show yourself and the universe how you want to be treated. Think about how you want a partner to treat you and then don’t settle for less than you deserve. If you respect yourself and love yourself, it will help attract a partner that will give you that same love and respect. 

Meditation, visualization and affirmations can help attract the love that you desire. Try visualizing the relationship and/or partner that you want to attract. This is basically the law of attraction. Practice visualization and meditate on this vision. You can also journal about it. The practice of writing it down can make it feel more real or attainable to you. 

Write your own affirmations. Take your affirmations and put them where you will see them daily. Take post-it notes and put them up around you. Make some personalized motivational posters. Get a bulletin board and tack them up there. Do what works best for you. 

Try to make this whole process fun. Have fun creating your vision of your future love life. Write affirmations that will make you smile when you read them. The purpose of all this is for you to be the one taking action to attract love into your life. You do not need to feel helpless or powerless. You have the power. 

Put yourself out there and meet new people. If you are not putting yourself out there. how do you expect to find love? Go out with your friends and have fun. Find things that you enjoy doing and do them. You can take a class, join a club or join a gym. The point is to do things that you enjoy and that are interesting to you. You could meet someone with the same interests as you. Overall you will just be a happier person and more likely to attract more happiness into your life. 

Attracting love does not have to difficult. Heal from your past, love yourself, know what you want, and have fun with the process. Have faith that you will find the love that you desire. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen as quickly as you would like. Love is worth waiting for. 

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