The Moon

Attuning your life with the Energies of the Moon can significantly help your
life to run more smoothly. Timing your actions, spells, rituals, your focuses
and setting your intentions in alignment with the Moon phases is just like
swimming with the current. Spells cast at the appropriate time will
strengthen what you do, as it is easier to go with the flow than against it.
Being aware of the Moon’s cycles can help us to feel healthier & more
energetic as well. The key is to always work with nature, never against it,
Here are some things to keep in mind when attuning yourself with the
phases of the Moon.

New Moon
Time to kick things off with a BANG! The energy is of “LET’S GET THIS
PARTY STARTED!” Doing your Energy work or Spellwork for starting
something new at the time of the New Moon gives that blast of added
power. Whether it is a new job, a new relationship or anything else new and
positive you want to bring in work with the power of the New Moon.

The Waxing moon is the time from the New Moon to Full. The Moon’s
energy in increasing now. So It is the best time ride this wave and to do
Energy work or spells for growth, beginning new projects and increase is
the key word, just as the energy of the moon is increasing. So this is a
great time to do work to bring in anything you want to bring in. It doesn’t
have quite the punch of working at the time of the New Moon but it is more
of a steadily increasing Energy rather than a BANG.
Full Moon
Doing work at the time of the Full Moon is perfect for manifesting goals,
passion, strength and power.
Prime time for undertakings of prophecy, protection, divination. Any
working that needs extra power, The Moon is shining in all her glory!

During the Waning moon after the Moon is full to the time it becomes New
again is a great time do spells set your intentions and focus your energies
on letting go of what needs to go, lessen or remove obstacles and illness,
neutralize the influence of people of situations, and to remove harm. Here,
decrease is the keyword, as the moon’s energy is decreasing. So if you
want to ride the wave of decrease, do your work during the Waning Moon.
For example utilize the energy of the Waning Moon and do Healing work
with the emphasis on decrease. Put the focus on shrinking the tumor or
decreasing pain. Letting go of a relationship that needs to go.

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