Acceptances, Let go’s, and forgiveness

Growing up I used to hear my mom say this Spanish phrase that had an accent from Spain,
and I have to clarify this because even though our language is the same, the way we speak
are different, I am from Puerto Rico ,sometimes words in Spanish could mean something
completely different or opposite for another Latino culture. I don’t know where she got it
from but it was very balancing. My mom was puertorrican , but grew up in New York and
her likes and cultural enrichment was very diverse.
In Spanish the phrase goes like this: “Que va uste hacedle, va a matadle?, no! Hay que
dejadle”! The translation to this phrase is:” What are you going to do about it? You gonna
kill it/him/her?, No! You must leave it”!
As soon as she said this phrase in any situation or occasion that would apply, we would
look at each other and laugh or smile. This phrase would immediately change an upsetting
situation into a funny one.
A lot of times there’s situations in our lives where it is difficult to let go, and we don’t
realize that the more we try to force it into our lives,the more we push it away.
Sometimes we are going around so much into a situation that we don’t realize that at the
end of the day, what we are doing is mapping out how we’re gonna fix the situation in a
way that fits our desires, but again is a way of controlling, why do we want to control?
Control comes from fear. Fear of what?,to be hurt, of pain, to not get what we want, how
we want it or how we want to feel. And all this derives from an emptiness in our souls, a
low self esteem, a bad self concept.
The more we try to control people, situations,or a outcome,the more the universe makes
sure to let you know, that indeed, there’s a bigger divine force that have the power and
control to lead your path where you supposed to be at the right time and the right moment
, and that regardless the difficult and painful situations are part of our growing
processes as human spiritual beings.
Like the same old phrase says: “Everything happens for a reason and Everything has a reason
to be”. Always remember that we all have free will and sometimes the same situations that
hurt us were the situation we allow in our lives. If that special person is not in your life
currently, believe me, is for a reason, most of our time for our protection.
Sometimes we pray for protection and guidance and when we get it we don’t allow it to be.
Sometimes that situation or person is removed from your life because it diminishes your
growth process or vice versa. I am not trying to sound cruel or cold. I’m a very intense,
passionate, affectionate, and lovable person. I also want near me the person I love, I
mean who doesn’t?.
I also want things to go in my favor, but life forces me to let go, and let God. Every
individual’s circumstances are different.
What I’m trying to say here is that besides accepting life for what it is even when it hurts,
with the good and the bad ,we have to accept, let go, and forgive. Specially forgive the
other, forgive ourselves, to find peace. Real forgiveness most comes first. Forgiveness
requires solitude,balancing and enlightenment, and that doesn’t happen but when you go
within. Forgiveness is peace and freedom. Freedom to love yourself, freedom to believe in
yourself, freedom to respect yourself, freedom to put yourself first, freedom to find your
passion in life.
Learning how to stay away from people or situations that aren’t good for us even when we
love them, is letting go and a form of freedom.
Now ask yourself, when you find that self love and freedom…Don’t you think you are in a
better place to negotiate with the creator?, the divine?, or even the universe?
Be realistic about your life lessons and expectations, allow yourself to understand your
processes so they don’t repeat in other people or circumstances, because it is not until you
pass the test of that specific lesson that you’re gonna continue forward with your
development to be ready for what the universe it’s holding back from you.
Count your blessings. Don’t forget to do your serenity prayer. Don’t forget to pray to be a
better human being every day. Let go, accept and forgive just remember that there’s gonna
be times where mother nature and the natural force of life can’t be change and most be
accepted, we can’t control life if that was the case ,I would be, still hearing in the physical
realm that adorable phrase and that unique voice: “Que va uste hacedle, va a matadle?, no!
Hay que dejadle”! Translation:
” What are you going to do about it? You gonna kill it/him/her?, No! You must leave it”!
“I pour just love to all mankind”

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