5 Signs That Indicate, When A Person Doesn’t Want To Be In A Relationship With You

When you start dating a person it is not always easy to figure out what they really want, if they want something serious and seek to have a strong relationship or just want to have fun or be friends with benefits, it is something that anyone wants to know. These are the 5 most important signs that you should take into account and let you know that the other person is not taking things seriously and that they are only looking for something temporary or have intimacy. Unless you too are just looking for fun, if you see more than one of these signs, it is healthy to leave things like that to avoid false expectations and to prevent them from breaking your heart.

1. She/He does not look for you and is always you who establishes contact.

At first, there seems to be good communication, but as time goes by, she/he stops calling or writing you, she/he does not have you as a priority, she/he will always invent an excuse, this is a clear sign that you are not in her/his plans or short or long term. If you have a feeling of uncertainty, it is probably because you sense how the situation will end. We tend to ignore warnings, even when they are in front and this is definitely a big mistake, you have to keep your feet on the ground, remember that answering a message takes less than a minute.

2. She/He tells you that “she/he is not ready”, “she/he needs time”, “she/he does not know what she/he feels”, “she/he is confused”.

When someone tells you “I’m not ready”, “I think it’s too early”, “I’m still very hurt by my previous partner, or “I can’t”, it’s clear: she/he doesn’t want to, please listen to her/him. It means she/he does not interest. She/He’s telling you that she/he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, that she/he doesn’t want to be your girlfriend/boyfriend. Listen and move on. You are not going to change their way of thinking; the most important thing is to be loyal to ourselves and not deceive ourselves to stay with someone who does not know how to appreciate us.

3. She/He does not introduce you to her/his friends or family, nor does she/he show interest in meeting yours.

Introducing yourself to her/his friends can be a sign that someone wants a serious relationship with you. When this person doesn’t invite you to work parties or family gatherings, it could be because she/he might not think of you as a serious partner. Obviously, not everyone is comfortable introducing a new person to their circle of friends right away, however, it might be helpful to consider whether the other person seems to stick with these attitudes all the time and doesn’t introduce you as their partner. Another important thing is that it is never available to meet your family or friends.

4. She/he does not worry about knowing more about yourself, your interests, and your goals.

A person who is in love seeks to know every detail of her/his partner, from her/his tastes to asking about her/his family, if she/he doesn’t, this only talks about the little interest she/he has to get more deeply involved with you, on the other hand, she/he does not ask you what you are looking for your love life or what are your expectations in the sentimental part. She/He does not take the time to ask what is your favorite food, what is your favorite place, what are your hobbies, even if it seems silly, these little details make a big difference. In the couple, the other must always be a priority, otherwise in a poorly conceived union.

5. She/He only looks for you when she/he needs something.

Unfortunately, it is the cruel reality, if she/he only calls you to ask you favor or because she/he wants to see you for intimacy, please stop and think about what you are going to do with that relationship because that is a clear sign, that she/he is not interested in having something serious and committed, she/he only sees you looking to satisfy her/his needs. When a person puts what she/he wants all the time before others, it is clear that she/he has problems sharing and building a healthy coexistence. If she/he only eats, talks, and does what she/he wants, she/he is not so interested in your person, just being accompanied.

The easiest way to tell if a person is interested in you is to try to read their body language and their general behavior when they are around you. If you find that she/he is trying to get to know you better, asks questions, and is more interested than usual day after day, it is a good sign, but remember to carry things patiently and have very good communication.

Best Wishes!! Love and Light!!

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