3 Ways To Deal With Anxiety When You Don’t Have Someone To Turn To

anxietyholidayThe holiday season is meant to be loving, caring, a time for giving and spending time with your family and loved ones; however, this time of year can also be incredibly stressful and create a lot of anxiety even for people who are typically calm and collected. Anxiety is no joke. We all know how it starts. The pressure starts to mount in your temples and your eyes feel strained. The uncomfortable fluttering in your stomach creates nausea and you will likely feel like there is no hope in sight. When you have someone to help you through these difficult times, it does make things a lot easier, but dealing with anxiety can be extremely challenging when you are alone. Your thoughts may race and the stress you are feeling is likely to compound and grow to the point where you feel there is no hope left! We’ve all been there at one point or another, but what do you do when you want to feel free and unburdened? How do you approach this situation and regain balance by yourself to ensure you can go right back to feeling the way you did before? It’s not easy, but the below lists three approaches you can take to calm that anxiety and go back to being yourself right away. You deserve a joyous life and you especially deserve a happy holiday season full of love and wonder.

The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

When those stirrings start, remind yourself that this is only a phase and stop yourself from allowing these feelings to take complete control over you and your well being. When we allow it continuously grow, we put ourselves in a position where we can even fall ill. Nobody wants that! Tell yourself the sun will come out tomorrow and that tomorrow is another day. Stop the worrying (even if it is only for a second) and remind yourself of all the challenges in life you have already faced and conquered. You are stronger than you think and when you allow that strength to shine through, you can make it through anything! It may not even seem real at first, but after focusing on what you have already accomplished, you will start to come back down and feel better.

Focus On Something Else

This particular idea is always easier said than done, because usually when we attempt to focus our minds on something else, we will go as far as feeling guilty for not focusing on the bad feelings. You may even tell yourself that things will get worse because you are taking just one single moment to clear your mind! Distraction is never a permanent solution, but by focusing on something else or even something that brings you some temporary joy, you clear your energy so that you are able to once again regain focus. Find a quiet spot in your home, drift off into your own world for a while, and either clear the negative thoughts or focus on something that makes you feel great inside. When you allow the positive emotions to surround you, you put yourself in a better position to battle whatever stress you are facing. You don’t need anyone else around to do this. You would be surprised at how quickly you can overcome these bouts of anxiety alone. Sometimes being by yourself and tackling the obstacles and stress you are facing helps to eliminate those nasty feelings all together.

No More What If’s

Simply put, What If’s create fear and will instantly make an already tense situation worse. If you find yourself asking what if this happens or what if that happens, stop yourself right away. You are only adding to the already existing problem. Rather than taking on this mindset and creating scenarios that feed your anxiety, focus on this moment and right now. What is the solution to the problem you are facing? When you are solution oriented and focus on overcoming the obstacles you are experiencing, anxiety will begin to calm down and you are likely to start feeling better. Take a chance on yourself and trust that you can solve anything you put your mind to. Once you believe that, you will cross the finish line.

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